Get The Look - Scandi Chic office space

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
21st February 2022

This year’s interior trends take home offices seriously, offering colours that motivate, styles that inspire, and vibes that balance productivity with restfulness. One trend in particular emphasises tranquillity, ensuring a calm space that aids concentration and reduces stress – Scandi Chic. Follow our steps below to create your own office oasis.


Step 1: The colours

For Scandi Chic it’s all about neutrals and naturals – greys, whites, and blues with woods and an occasional pop of yellow. You can keep things chilled with cool tones and minimal colour, or add joyful bursts and bold features to spark creativity.


Images from: Alvhem and Tim Young.


Step 2: The materials

Continuing with the natural theme, wood is key in a Scandi Chic office space. Use a light wooden desk, floating shelves, or lay wooden flooring throughout. Mix up dark woods, light woods, cool toned woods, and richer honey-coloured woods, bringing pieces together with colour blocking. For softer furnishings knitted fabrics add a layer of cosy comfort though cotton and linen are equally as functional. Metal work also adds an industrial edge and contrast between the natural elements.


Images from: Weiss Creativ and Leu Khanh.


Step 3: The furniture

Avoid heavy bookshelves in dark colours and instead keep filing and reference items in light coloured cabinets, or minimalist shelving. Choose chairs and desks that have a small footprint, allowing light to pass through and making the space appear bigger. Don’t shy away from greenery, and make space for a few potted plants if possible.


Images from: aTng 糖 and Historiska Hem


Step 4: The layout

The key to Scandi Chic design is creating a sense of space with minimal clutter and plenty of light. Keep small windows curtain free and place your desk at or nearby the natural light source.


Images from: Coco Lapine and StyleCuratorAU