Gorgeous Greyscale

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
19th April 2021

We’ve been covering a lot of colour recently, finding joy in diversity and embracing the hopeful vibrancy that comes alongside tonal variety. But we know colour is not always for everyone.

Some enjoy a minimalist aesthetic with pared back shades and calming neutrals, so we have collected a small sample of our most gorgeous greyscale tiles.


Abbey Decor Black
The simple, repeating pattern of Abbey Decor Black provides a classic backdrop to any room

This simple, classic little collection provides a charming Victorian-style design in three neutral styles with bases in either grey, black, or white. With just the right balance between décor and basic, our Abbey tiles are ideal for use anywhere in the home.


The beautiful textural variety of our Cotto tiles add a touch of the organic and handmade to the sometimes stark sterility of a grey scale colour palette.

Cotto Mixed Tiles

Made up of three plain base tiles and six patterned designs it is the potential for a diversity which excites us most about Cotto with the collection covering differing sides of interior style. 

Cotto Astro Tiles
Here, Cotto Astro tiles create a geometric feature behind a freestanding bath

There's the classic ornamental looks of Cotto Fiore and Cotto Carta, the modern and geometric looks of Cotto Cube and Cotto Trellis, or the simple but beautiful motif of Cotto Astro.


Malvern Tiles
The pared-back tones of Malvern Grey are ideal for contemporary wetrooms

Inspired by natural stone, Malvern’s simple veined grey aesthetic is the beautiful calm all homes need. With both a floor tile and wall tile available in White and Grey as well as a feature wall design, interior spaces can be varied but harmonious.


Transit Decor Hexagon Tiles
Transit Mix

A fantastically unassuming range, the grey scale hexagons of Transit offer three plain tiles in Silver, Grey, and Dark, and one décor combining the three. With a dappled concrete-like surface Transit’s tonally varied specks add a touch of the organic


Taking its cues from nature is Midlake. This collection of three slate-effect colours - White, Grey, and Black - offer sublime decoration with curved veining and sweeping detail without the care and maintenance of real slate. 

Midlake Grey TilesMidlake Grey is perfect for open plan family rooms

Each Midlake colour has a matching outdoor-only slab, so you can continue your new floor into your garden and patio.