Gorgeous Greens

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
18th October 2021

A natural tone, green is a tranquil and refreshing colour, bringing to mind lush landscapes. Other associations include money, health, envy, good luck, and even fertility (of both the earth, and of women). This mostly positive vibe makes green a calming, optimistic, refreshing, and motivating colour choice, so it’s no surprise that it’s become more popular than ever over the last few years. Being big fans of green ourselves, we’ve got plenty of it amongst our collections, perfect to bring a burst of inspiration, organic relaxation, and revitalising freshness to your home.


Ripples Green

Soft sage shades and an undulating surface offer country style. Pale and understated, Ripples Green is a perfect neutral, calming the space whilst allowing touches of light to dance.


Crackle Spring Green

These vibrant wall tiles are made by artisans in northern Italy. Their lively bright colour is combined with a subtle crackled glaze and textured surface producing a dynamic look with all the variety of a fresh field.


Dwell Emerald

Tonally varied with a handmade look, Dwell Emerald is the perfect choice for traditional and modern homes alike. Made from premium Italian porcelain, these tiles can be used both on the floor and on walls, offering design freedom. Their elongated subway shape takes this a step further, allowing for a large number of layout variations.


Palm Springs Green

Adding a punch of pattern to spaces, our lily pad-style hexagonal Palm Springs tiles are ideal for almost any room in the house. Their soft matt finish is made to mimic traditional Moroccan tiles, offering the quality without the price tag.


Roxy Green

These unique diamond shapes tiles are beyond beautiful. The printed pattern is hugely varied; blending natural stone looks with water-marbled textures. Ranging from light to dark green a fantastically characterful look is created that adds drama and style, without overpowering a space.


Fez Ivy

Made to look like traditional zellige tiles, our Fez Ivy tiles have all the hallmarks – the texture, the tone, and the imperfect charm. In a deep, dark green, these pieces act as a fabulous backdrop to vibrant pops of colour, or calming gentle neutrals.


Albert’s Racing Green

These classic subway tiles take their colour from the British racing team of the early 1900s. Deep and royal, these tiles are beyond rich. Their complex tone is almost otherworldly, offering metallic and opalescent hints.