Get The Look - Gloss Green and Roll Top Refinement

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
2th June 2020

“Less is more!” We’re not referring to the prog-rock album by Marillion, but the design philosophy of eminent architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This modernist pioneer really knew his onions … and he would have loved this bathroom below that features a compact, double-ended bath, and simple green glazed tiles.

Perfectly moulded - the Tamar bathtub by Drummonds

The bath, one of a portfolio of elegant designs available from Drummonds, might appear destined for a stately home. However, look closely, and you will discover that it is actually proportioned to feel right at home in most UK bathrooms.

Called The Tamar, it has a comfortable roll top design that makes it a brilliant choice for a relaxing soak. However, at just 1,700mm long by 730mm wide, it looks both neat and elegant. The key is a perfectly proportioned contemporary skirt specifically designed for petite spaces, while the lower rim allows easy access. But this is still a luxury item, made using hand-poured cast iron, and fully fused vitreous enamel for increased durability.

As shown, the Tamar bath pairs perfectly with rich, dramatic, yet understated green glazed tiles, such as our 75 by 150mm Crackle Bottle Green tiles, shown below right. A graceful craquelle glaze range created by highly skilled artisans in northern Italy, Crackle range has the elegance and grace this bath deserves. A contrasting grout in 2 to 3mm joints will add the finishing touch.

Dwell Emerald

Crackle Bottle Green

A more filigree option is our scintillating Dwell Emerald design, above left. This rocks a 60 by 240mm format, and are as alluring to touch and they are to the eye. Inspired by traditional ‘majolica’ - the kind of hand-made ceramics you might find in Andalucia or Tuscany - Dwell boasts irregular edges and an uneven surface that provides the perfect contrast to the smooth sides of the Tamar tub. The rich, glossy and shaded finish also has just the right note of opulent luxury.

So turn on the taps, prepare yourself a generous G&T, and lay back … that’s why we all aspire to a bathroom as a place of sanctuary and relaxation.