Get The Look - Ridiculously Good-Looking Restaurants

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th June 2016

According to a Thomas Edison, genius is “10 percent inspiration, 90 percent perspiration”.

Well that might be true, but we’ve got a little secret… You don’t have to sweat it out to create amazing interiors. A dear designer friend told us that her recipe for success is simple; to get the creative juices flowing just head out. Bars and restaurants are great sources of inspiration – they hire style experts to make sure the setting is every bit as tasty as the food and drink.

We’d have to agree, there’s plenty of mouthwatering places out there. And naturally, they’re all flowing with designer tiles that steal the show. We’ll take you through a few of our favourites and show how you can achieve a similar look at home.

The Old Stocks Inn

tiles-bars-restaurants-old-stocks-innMuch as we love a good village pub, they’re often a little tired and sad around the side. But not The Stocks Inn. Oh no, this is the type of place that makes you go wow. It’s a hybrid of designer furniture and original features; the lovechild of country Cotswold and stylish Scandi. In other words, it’s pastel Ercol chairs, warm woods, geometric tiles, and honey coloured walls. And this being an inn ’n all, there’s rooms upstairs. Just in case you want to stay. But you will, won’t you?

Get The Look – Combine the warmth of oak with the geometric style of Dolce Cube for a timeless look


tiles-bars-restaurants-nandosThink of Nando’s and two things spring to mind; peri-peri chicken and pretty unique places. Although they’re a global chain with over 1,000 outlets worldwide, each restaurant is different, rather than cookie cutter. They all reference their Afro-Portuguese heritage, so think materials with bags of character – reclaimed woods, herringbones and hexagons and of course, a quirky lampshade here and there.

Get The Look – Give your floors a spicy flavour with Driftwood Brown and Memory Sand hexagons


Albert’s Schloss

tiles-bars-restaurants-alberts-schlossNext time you’re in Manchester be sure to check out Albert’s Schloss. It’s one of our favourite local haunts, and rightly so. Apparently ‘schloss’ roughly translates to ‘palace’ from German, and this place is fit for royalty. It’s where bohemia meets Bavaria – that’s reclaimed floor boards, roaring fires, lots of wood and oodles of atmosphere to me and you.

Get The Look – You’ll need painted bricks, dinky hexagons and plenty of mellow Alpine Birch

The Printing Press

tiles-bars-restaurants-printing-pressEdinburgh has no shortage of fine places to dine, but The Printing Press is something quite special. Although it only opened last year, it has the air of a grand European establishment from twenties – lots of dark wood, plush leather and art deco light fittings. Not to mention a gorgeous black and white marble floor. If there’s ever a place to celebrate good news, it’s here. Your finest fizz, please.

Get The Look – It’s all about the classics – matt Bistro Calacatta and Black tiles in a checkerboard pattern

Hotel Indigo

tiles-bars-restaurants-hotel-indigoOk, strictly speak the Indigo’s a hotel not a bar… but what does that matter when it looks this good? It’s represents everything we love about modern design; a fusion of neutral decor, geometric prints, oversize chairs and locally sourced antiques. All this in a building sited on one of York’s oldest streets. We love it! And look closely, you might even spot our Vintage Camden tiles neatly tucked into a fireplace…

Get The Look – This is a warm, playful look, so hello to Timber Oak and funky hexagons

The Horse and Groom

tiles-bars-restaurants-horse-groomThe Horse and Groom is almost the perfect country pub. It’s got the village setting, the cosy atmosphere and the classic gastropub look – traditional detail matched with modern design. It’s got craft pale ales and fruity ciders galore. And best of all, it’s got lamb shank – slow braised of course.

The only downside is the distance… two hundred miles from home is a little to far to be a local. Still, you can get the look in your own place using our Richmond Victorian tiles. Ah, yes, the same tiles used throughout the Horse.

The Refinery

tiles-bars-restaurants-the-refineryThe Refinery describes itself as a “retro-chic cafe and cocktail bar with vintage tableware”. We think that’s pretty humble, it’s a brilliant mashup of modern and rustic – the type of place you’d happily lose a weekend afternoon to. The design is a masterclass in how to give a vast, industrial space a warm, homely touch. Think brick floors, polished concrete, exposed lightbulbs and a reclaimed timber bar. The next time we’re in London and in need of a Stylish Saturday we know where we’re off to…

Get The Look – Turn to raw materials… concrete-effect slabs, salvaged bricks and hand-scraped ash

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, we’ve supplied a fair few trendy restaurants and bars with our gorgeous tiles. If you fancy giving your home a designer makeover, why not check out our range and order samples today?