Five Ways To Keep Traditional Interiors Alive With Tile

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
24th August 2020

Although advances in tile technology can produce some unusual and highly modern designs, sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the familiar and take advantage of the traditional, whether it’s to preserve the character of a home or to suit the stylings of the owner.

Finding these accents and elements in tile has a number of benefits, not least because of their low maintenance and high durability, and so we’ve compiled a selection of these classic components to ensure traditional interiors can be celebrated like they should.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick has proved highly popular in interior design for commemorating the history of buildings, and adding an ever so stylish feature. But some homes aren’t lucky enough to have existing exposed brick or any brick to expose which is why tile is so fabulous. The warmth and intrigue of exposed brick can be found in imitations - tiles that feature realistic texture and colouring without the technical faff of dust and sealants.

Marble bathrooms

For bathrooms you can’t get much more traditional than marble with its hygienic and sterile brightness and easy to clean nature. Irregular natural veining adds a subtle decorative element, whilst the neutrals in the stone work well with almost any colour.

However the cost and maintenance of marble can be troublesome, making ceramic and porcelain imitations a little more preferable. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between tiles and the real deal, keeping tradition alive without breaking the bank.

Inlaid wood

Highly decorative inlaid wooden flooring, or simple wooden planks, are truly timeless interior elements. However the maintenance and limitations of real wood can be a deal breaker for some. That’s why extremely realistic wood-look tiles are such a fantastic creation.

Arteak Castano wood planks

Windsor Dark parquet tiles

Allowing for under-floor heating and use in areas of high moisture, wood-look tiles are (dare we say it) better than the real deal, allowing for freedom of design and use, whilst preserving the characterful nature that wood provides.

Victorian tiles

Victorian style tiles are always popular, with their iconic patterns and colours gracing many homes in the UK. The history and character of Victorian tiles can be found in many tile designs of today, ensuring that a home can maintain its ties with the past.


Used in interiors for over 500 years, you can’t get much more traditional than terrazzo. Although usually a flooring that is poured into place and made up of marble chips (or glass, quartz, granite, etc) and a resin or concrete binding, it can be found in pre-made tile form.

Arlo Blue 20 x 20 cm

Portico 45 x 45 cm

When implemented in the conventional way, it is usually rather expensive which is why for most consumers the tile is much more favourable. This speckled stracciatella surface comes in many unique styles with varying chip sizes, colours, and saturations.