10 Ways To Use Patterned Tiles In Your Bathroom Project

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
24th May 2017
Here at Porcelain Superstore, we’ve devised our own way to rank hotels. It’s got a snappy, pretty self-explanatory title - how fabulous is the bathroom? It’s too early to say whether it’s going to unseat the AA or not, but one thing's for sure; boutique hotels treat their bathrooms rather well. You see, relaxing getaways are all about long soaks and spa-like showers - and if there’s one thing hip hotels certainly know, it’s that tiles can make a serious style impact. They’re usually at the forefront of the latest design trends, so it’s no surprise to see so many jumping on the patterned tile band-wagon. After all, it’s a tried-and-tested way to get maximum impact for minimum fuss. So, if your bathroom needs a little seven star style, read on. We'll show you how to use decorative tiles to create your very own relaxing retreat.

Patchwork Patterns

Eye-catching, utterly fabulous and downright decadent, there’s one particular pattern dominating the trend charts this year - patchwork prints. Once solely the preserve of bank-busting-but-oh-so-gorgeous cement tiles, they’re now within reach of us mere mortals, thanks to digital printing technology. And it’s a good thing too - drape your walls and floors in mis-matched tiles and you’ll have catwalk style in the blink of an eye. Patchwork Tiles Bathroom And unlike handmade tiles, which require diva-like levels of TLC and have a phobia of water, our porcelain pastiches are perfect for bathrooms. Putting on our style doctor hats, we’d suggest using the pretty patterns of Casablanca Mix on your bathroom floor to get the encaustic effect. Keep the rest of your room relatively simple to allow these tiles to do the talking. These patchwork tiles come in a single shade, perfect if you’re after something a little less look-at-me.

Feature Flicks

Patterned Tiles As A Feature Wall Don’t think feature walls are just for jazzing up living rooms - they’re a tried and tested way to bring depth and impact to a bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a free-standing tub, then why not dress up the wall behind in something a little different to? It’s a natural focal point, so don’t be afraid to push your creative limits - this is a private space after all. Keep the rest of your decor relatively calm and neutral to enhance the wow effect.

Floral Flourish

We’re not sure why, but there’s something about floral prints that makes them a natural fit for bathrooms. Perhaps it’s their soothing swishes or maybe they just appeal to our inner florist? Either way, there’s no denying that a bathroom with floral decoration is one we want to spend serious time in! Patterned Tiles Bathroom Floor Get the look with our Abbey Decor patterned tiles. They might have a little Victorian style about them but being made from modern porcelain means they’re so easy to care for. They’re perfect if you’re on a tight budget - just add some white metro tiles for a super look that won’t date.

Weathered Wonders

After that lived-in rustic look? Join the club! There’s something about weathered and worn looking tiles that creates an atmospheric mood like no other. Need a little proof? Check our the nonchalance air of our Cotto Astro tiles below. If they don’t charm the pants off you we don’t know what will! Mind you, if we lived in that room we’d be pretty calm and collected too. Encaustic Effect Patterned Tiles In The Bathroom Looking to get the look at home? The trick - as savvy designers will tell you - is to add a few stylish elements that contrast with the peeled-back palazzo look - a modern armchair here, a salvaged door leant again the wall there.

Victorian Vintage

The Victorians were a pretty clever lot and it’s hard to understate their lasting influence on the design world. And when it comes to patterned tiles, they certainly knew a thing or two - just check out the Victorian and Albert museum for a gob-smackingly gorgeous floor. So if your period property’s had the soul ripped out of it don’t worry; it’s never been easier to give your bathroom floors a Victorian makeover. Victorian Tiles On Bathroom Floor After the classic checkerboard look? Our perfectly proportioned Victorian Black and White tiles hear your calls - lay them on an angle to add extra oomph. These tiles feature pre-scored joints to give the impression of smaller tiles and they’re really easy to lay - a great choice for that DIY weekend job!

Serene Soaks

Colour not your thing but you’d still like to soak in style? No problem, just check out our range of subdued patterned tiles. Their simple, repeating designs and muted colourways are an ideal fit for modern bathrooms. Just add a freestanding bath, white fittings and some vintage furniture and you’ll have a bathing space you won’t want to leave. Up the Scandi-ante by using bevelled metros or mottled concrete tones on your walls. Muted Decorative Tiles On Bathroom Floor

Geometric Jazz

Living room and kitchen awash with mid-century style? Don’t let your bathroom miss out! Give it a Mad Men makeover with our geometrics tiles. They’re a lesson in how to shape up the style without distracting from the rest of the decor. So in other words, they’ll make a perfect backdrop for a room with rock-star looks. Geometric Patterned Tiles Bathroom Combine the gentle curves of Endless Circles with some up-cycled vintage furniture for a bathroom with a Barbican flavour. To up the retro appeal, why not run our Diamond Twist tiles up your wall? Their is-it-or-isn’t-it-3D patterns will attraction the right kinds of attention, but the monochrome style will keep your walls pretty grounded.

Awash With Style

When it comes to what’s hot and what’s not in the bathroom world, wetrooms are practically sizzling right now. It’s not difficult to see why; there’s something incredibly spa-like and rejuvenating about showering in an open space. But cutting-edge shower technology doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style - quite the opposite, in fact. Losing bulky enclosures open your walls up to a whole host of decoration design potential. And given that these rooms are pretty private spaces, don’t be afraid to go to town on the creative front. Patterned Tiles Shower We love how renowned designer Paola Navona mixed and matched handmade patterned tiles in her loft apartment - for a similar patchwork vibe our Casablanca Black mismatched tiles fit the bill. For something with a little more colour, use our sun-tastic Lisbon Vintage tiles. Run your tiles from the floor and onto a feature wall to channel the Portuguese vibe in the second picture - we’d certainly recommend mixing in some plain metro ties to cool the room by a few degrees!

Blue Swoon

There’s something utterly enchanting about blue tiles, especially when they’re infused with a Moroccan flavour. And although we can’t claim to be colour experts, we’re pretty certain you can’t beat blue when it comes to creating escapist bathing spaces. No other shade has so much soul - add some azure to your room and you’ll know what we mean! Little wonder then that our most popular patterned tile over the last twelve months has been Tapestry Blue. By rather a long margin too, we might add. You guys love it and you’re not the only ones - the first image below is from an interior designer in the US who flew our gorgeous tiles all the way to Los Angeles! Use the same tiles in your bathroom and you’ll shower with a smile - but we can’t guarantee a sunny day, sorry! Blue Patterned Tiles For something slightly different, take a look at our Seville Persian Blue hexagons. They’ve got a similar Moorish vibe but feature a repeating pattern, which makes them a great choice for striking floors. Keep the rest of your room relatively simple - we’d recommend pairing with neutral crackle or metro tiles on your walls - to let these tiles stand out for themselves.

Subtle Splashbacks

When it comes to creating bijou bathrooms, it’s not always about eye-catching feature floors or look-at-me walls. Sometimes, it pays to shine the spotlight on your splashbacks. After all, they’re a natural focal point and where we start and end the day - so a little decorative flair can make quite a big difference! Patterned Tiles As Bathroom Splashback Our Italian-made decorative tiles are a flawless replica of the handmade tiles shown in the first image. As the name might imply, they’re a great choice if your bathroom has a vintage twist - just add a weathered mirror and some antique taps to complete the look! For something with a little more pizazz, you can’t beat colourful Moroccan style tiles. Best of all, you don’t need to go overboard to get the look - a couple of our Tapestry Blue tiles will be plenty for most basins!

Last But Not Least... Cool Cloakrooms

Who said fabulousness is just for upstairs bathrooms and ensuites? No-one, as far as we know… So give your downstairs loos and cloakrooms a slice of the decorative tile cake. And given that a little pattern can go a long, long way, don’t be afraid to blow your budget. After all, these rooms are pretty public and naturally, you’ll want to give your guests a great impression! Patterned Tiles Cloakroom Patchwork tiles and cloakrooms are a match made in heaven, but go easy and limit them to the floor or a single wall - this is all about wowing, not overwhelming! For a classic touch, you can't beat the combination of Casablanca Black on the floor with crackled metro tiles on your walls. Otherwise, why not transform your tiny under-stair loo by dressing a wall in our British-made Endless Squares? The groovy geometric pattern has a retro appeal that's guaranteed to get a double-take.