Wood Effect Tiles That Add The Wow Factor!

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
12th February 2020

Over the past ten years tile manufacturers have been developing incredible techniques, notably digital inkjet decoration, to produce hyper realistic imitations of natural materials. One of the most impressive of these imitations is the wood-look.

scandi wood tile

Still many people are not even aware that wood-look tiles exist having been so used to the real deal, or laminate flooring. However, both real wood and laminate are problematic in their lifespan and maintenance requirements, but their ceramic counterparts have no such shortcomings.
 And, believe us, they are incredibly realistic. Even experienced designers can be fooled into think they are seeing a real grained wood rather than a porcelain facsimile, because the graining and surface texture are just so good these days.

At Porcelain Superstore we are real fans of the current generation of wood-effect tiles and we have carefully assembled a wide range of wood-look tiles for our customers; from classic oak, through warm honey tones, to cool greys, and onto faux aged paint-effects. The verisimilitude is uncanny and the durability unmatched.
 Formats, graining, relief, tone, and surface décor are all important when choosing the ideal wood-look for your interior space.

For a warm, classic plank try Alpine Hazel (200 by 900mm), Arteak Castano (150 by 600mm), or Amsterdam Castano (232 by 1,200mm). Each offers something a little different in terms of sizing and texture. In particular, the knots and graining differ, from rustic realism to more perfectly polished look.

Alpine Wood Tile
The rugged charm of Alpine Hazel

For a more Scandinavian-inspired wood-look, our Nordic duo Pale and Oak have it covered, both long and clean planks measuring 200 by 1,200mm. Oslo (150 by 600mm) and Essence (200 by 1,200mm) Grey also work the neutral look, with subtle surface texture and a matt finish. They make for incredibly realistic flooring that is versatility, stylish and utterly practical.

Essence Grey

Essence Grey - Sleek and Modern

These timber-effect porcelains are available in many other formats beside the standard plank, such as on-trend chevrons, and parquet patterns. Distressed effects also feature throughout our collections. Windsor Dark is an exceptionally elegant parquet imitation with hyper-realistic graining and deep, organic browns. Chevron formats are found in a variety of tones including Grey, Oak, and Brown and offer effortless style.

Windsor Dark

Windsor Dark - Perfect for well-loved, lived-in homes


For an automatically lived-in look, Alberta (200 by 1,200mm) in Grey and Brown provides a realistic shade variation with knots, grains, and scratches like a wood floor that has stood the test of time. Driftwood (200 by 800mm) in Sand, Brown, and Multi has a similar effect, with age implied through simulated sun-bleaching and weathering. Life (200 by 850mm) in Oxide, Anthracite, and Perla also appears to really have lived. It perfectly demonstrates the distressed look with stains and cut marks, but still maintain a very distinctive beauty.

Porcelain ‘wood’ is a game changer, offering classic charm with modern benefits. Wood-looks can be used in high traffic areas without fear of damage, in areas of high moisture (including bathrooms), in conjunction with under floor heating, and in exterior locations that are open to the elements. With wood-effect tiles the look stays, there is no fear of staining, no need for costly maintenance, and a variety of styles just as good as the real thing … if not better!