Get The Look - The New Bronze Age

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
19th June 2020

Rotpunkt, the hugely respected German designer-kitchen manufacturer, has fully embraced the metallic finishes trend with Bronze Metal: a new collection that sees metal replacing stone.

“Metallic finishes with practical application in the kitchen are evolving quickly, so it makes sense to introduce them in to a kitchen living environment, and create more design opportunities and capacity for innovation,” explains Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations. “Bringing a refined, more luxurious approach to industrial-style kitchen design, our new Bronze Metal door colour is low-maintenance, extremely tactile, and manufactured carbon neutrally.”

Stand-out design features include an offset island unit with bar-style seating and matching end panels. This minimalist design creates a discreet dining area without impacting on the ‘working’ area of the kitchen.

A run of Bronze Metal base units, and custom full-height cabinets with integrated sideboard, combine to create a unified interior solution. Home owners can even colour match handles in the new bronze finish to complete an expressive, ultra-modern kitchen.

Expressive and ultra-modern - the bronze door handle

The same cabinet design is also available in Carbon and Brass: new colours that allow greater personalisation, particularly the ability to create contrast with an accent colour or a strong neutral base: step forward tiles.

For a powerful industrial-look floor tile contrast, we suggest Portland Light Grey. At under £40 per sq. metre, this 900 by 900mm tile delivers a look of solid authenticity. These Italian tiles have a versatile light grey tone - an ideal background for a statement rug - but can also work beautifully on their own in a larger open-plan layout.

Portland Light Grey - 90 x 90 cm

A lighter floor tile that also rocks against bronze metallics is our versatile Onice Pearl. Just a tad over £45 per sq. metre, this classic 600 by 600mm module offers something a little different from the classic white marbles that are very much to the fore right now. A faithful replication of natural onyx, these tiles ooze class and sophistication: a perfect pairing for Bronze Metal, Carbon, or Brass.

Onice Pearl - 60 x 60 cm

Our final partnering proposal might appear rather left field, but Swoon Mix Décor offers just the right kind of dramatic contrast to elevate these modern metallics to a new level.

Swoon Mix Decor - 16.5 x 16.5 cm

Again under £40 per sq. metre, Swoon Mix Décor utilises a compact 165 by 165mm format allowing home owners to deliver pattern with panache. This design is all about decorating with confidence and rewriting the rulebook. A classic white and black marble combo that totally complements plain Swoon tiles in a number of different geometric designs, this is a tile range that can add real punch and personality to any kitchen.