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Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
2th May 2022

In the last few years interior design trends have leant heavily towards nature and earthy tones. The comforting, grounding effect that these organic shades provide has been absolutely necessary during awkward, stressful stretches of uncertainty. One material in particular has revealed itself as a favourite, not just for it’s beautiful rich colours and inviting textures, but because of a revitalising freshness it helps achieve whilst maintaining a blanket of comfort. Take a look at our terracotta picks to get inspired!


The floor

Cover the floor in terracotta’s textured orange tones and mix it up with hexagonal tiles, a herringbone layout, diamond shapes, or classic bricks. Add colour, pattern, and mixed materials to the walls to complete the look.

Images from: Sherekitchens & Alusplash

The wall

Rich burnt umber tones work equally well on the walls, hugging a space and adding an atmosphere that can be both chilled or intense. Mix up grout colours to lighten, embolden, or darken the look.


Images from: Lisacohenphoto & b3designers


Top and tail a shower in terracotta for a full earthy impact. Mix up shade or shape to suit your tastes, incorporate plants, wood, paint, and glass for a Mediterranean dream.


Images from: & deanbradleyco

Terracotta bar

Create a statement bar to divide up open plan spaces and add warmth alongside functionality. Make the colour pop with white walls and pale wood furniture.


Images from: ilsepopelier & spell

Mix with colour and pattern

Add layers of personality with vibrant colours and decorative wallpaper. Deep greens and reds work add harmonious richness whilst cool tones offer contrast and character.


Images from: Projects general construction & riadjardinsecret

Shop terracotta: Clays Cotto, Croft Cotto, Siena Cotto, and Fez Earth.