Transforming Halls With Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th October 2020

The hallway is sometimes a neglected part of the house, filled with coats and boots and unread letters. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of attention it can become a space that properly welcomes you home and reflects your style. We believe tile is the perfect material to help with this, and here are a few ways it can transform a hall from drab to delightful.

Mixing Angles and Media

Combining surfaces - whether it’s wood, tile, natural stone, or even carpet - can create a unique hallway. With surfaces meeting at an angle the space is elongated, dividing areas and giving the illusion of more space.

Transit Decor

To get a look like this one from Cubic Studios, above left, combine our Transit Decor with Chevron Grey, below.


Chevron Grey


Perfect Patchwork

A mix of motifs, colours, and styles can create a hallway space with a lot of personality. The huge range of mix-and-match tiles available today means any aesthetic can be achieved, whether it’s calming pastels, a colourful and exciting combination, or something simple and subtle, a patchwork design could be the perfect way to revamp a hallway. A colourful example can be found with our Casablanca Mix.


A Tiled Entrance

Rather than the traditional welcome mat, a tiled entrance way can add colour and personality to the hall and home. It’s extremely simple but highly effective and can be achieved to suit any style.

A great example is this hallway (above) designed by Ella Pays Designs which can easily be recreated with our Hove Blue or Lisbon Vogue.


Traditional and Classic

Victorian tiles are a great way to transform a hallway whilst incorporating classic elements into the home. There are many colours, patterns, and layouts to be found with Victorian tiles so you don’t have to be confined to one aesthetic. Combining these classic tiles with more modern elements, such as statement furniture or vibrant wallpaper, can help bring the space into the 21st Century, and offers that delightful mix of past and present.

At Porcelain Superstore you can find multiple designs that range from the simple to the ornamental, such as our Abbey Decor, Harlow Black, or our Cotto Carta.

Cotto Carta

Harlow Black