Tiled Living Rooms - Style Meets Function

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
9th March 2020
The living room is the place for comfort and relaxation. It’s a social space, a warm space, a space to wind down, but most importantly, it’s a space that doesn’t often feature nearly enough tiles. A fireplace is a very suitable space for tiling creativity, as we have shown, but there’s so much more the world of ceramics has to offer this leisurely room.

Wood Effect Tiles

Thanks to under-floor heating, and strategically placed rugs, a tiled floor doesn’t mean a cold floor. And developments in production techniques means that wood-looks are increasingly realistic. To ease yourself into life with a tiled living-room, our wood-effect tiles are the perfect mix of traditional appearance and easy maintenance; such as the parquet-effect Windsor Dark.

Large Format Floors

Tiles make an incredible addition to any room in the house and can be used to suit any desired design, and can especially be used as a neutral canvas. Large format stone or cement looks, such as in these living rooms designed by Bloomint, can be warmed up with rugs and paired with furnishings to match any personality.

Bloomint Tiled Living Room

Patterned Style

Or the tiles themselves can become the focal point, adding colour, pattern, and décor that offers atmosphere and ambience with an art-deco flair, a Mediterranean twist, or a traditional touch of class. 

The bold blue of our hexagonal Palm Springs tiles provides undeniable character and vibrancy that can be toned down with calm neutrals, or complemented with bright furnishings.

For eye-catching flooring our patterned tiles, such as Abbey Décor (above) and Seville Persian Blue, give living rooms an alternative kind of statement. Block colour furnishings used alongside a simple two-toned design helps create a unique space that is both stunning and durable.

Abbey Decor

The Luxury Touch

Luxurious Tiled Living Room

A classic Victorian look - such as in this regal home presented by Virtual Imaging 360 - can also be achieved with pieces from our Victorian collections. Victorian Octagon is great for this kind of look, giving an expansive feel to interiors and a relatively neutral palette from which to experiment with colour, texture, and shape throughout the room.

 Playing with tile is a sure fire way to end up with awesome living spaces that stand the test of time and create something truly special. And, in the week of Cruft’s, bear in mind that a tiled living room is unmatched as a practical, easy maintenance, surface solution for a nation of dog lovers.