Often regarded as a romantic tone, in colour psychology pink is often linked with stereotypically feminine qualities such as softness and calm. With a delicate nurturing quality, pink can help offer a sense of reassurance, whilst its playful tone can spark creativity and joy.

It’s for these reasons that individuals shouldn’t shy away from pink in the home, as it can bring with it a huge number of unexpected benefits. At Porcelain Superstore we have quite a few pink tiles that can help bring a touch of refreshing happiness to kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways alike.

Ripples Pink

The mature warmth of Ripples Pink’s colour works fantastically as an alternative to sterile neutrals.

Ripples Pink can be used on any wall throughout your home


With a delightfully soft rippled texture, these 3D tiles don’t simply offer a twist on the classic metro tile through their colour, but also through their tactile surface. Use Ripples Pink to break up white walls, add a delicate feature to kitchens, or add a little fun to bathrooms.

Pastels Pink

These lovely elongated metro tiles are extremely stylish. With the freedom to play around creating herringbone layouts, contemporary vertical placements, or standard brick pattern, an elongated metro offers a little more than the classic metro, without stepping too far outside of any comfort zones.

Pastels Pink

The soft pastel pink provides dainty décor whilst the irregular textured edges adds character. Use Pastels Pink in the bathroom alongside white marble and bronze fixtures, or in the kitchen with dark woods and deep, earthy paints to see both sides of this versatile tile.

Marais Rose

The glistening surface of Marais Rose offers stunning light-play that can make walls sing. Taking cues from traditional zellige tiles, Marais Rose demonstrates the beauty in tonal variation and subtle surface texture.

Just like handmade Zellige... Marais Rose

Combining deeper shades, with pastels and orange-tinted pinks, these tiles demonstrate the varied loveliness and marked sophistication to be found within the pink spectrum.

Combine with black grout and darker walls in a sultry bathroom space

Use alongside coloured matt surfaces and white walls to allow the tiles to pop, or with blacks and greys for a unique take on class.

Ella Pink

These hexagonal tiles take on the dusty light-coral side of pink. The handmade-look surface and subtle shade variation creates a delightfully warming atmosphere, whilst the hexagonal shape emphasises their decorative nature.

Ella Pink - subtle and classy

Use as a feature wall to make full use of the visual variety, alongside whites to create a pretty pastel dream, or with bold green tones for a rich, tropical feel.

Concorde Rose

The picket shape of Concorde Rose offers new freedom of layout, whether used alone or in combination with Concorde White, these tiles have the ability to immediately draw attention.

Here, Concorde Rose provides a feminine feature in a classic bathroom

The light pink gloss surface offers glamour, perfect for any stylish kitchen or bathroom. Create patterns with Concorde White, or create soft pink feature walls that work with grey-toned wooden furniture and silver fixtures.

Paired with the plain Concorde White, Concorde Rose adds fun contrast

Palm Springs Pink

The simple white décor on these pink hexagonal tiles offers plenty of room for play and creativity. Suitable for both walls and floors, Palm Springs Pink provide a beautiful pink blush with a contemporary matt surface.

Palm Springs Pink

Very subtle shade variation gives the look of artisan craft which adds a highly-sought depth to their tone. Use on the bathroom floor alongside white walls and fittings for a playful space, or as an eye-catching kitchen splash-back.