The White Stuff: The Ten Most Popular White Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
31st October 2017
Black might be the staple shade in our wardrobes, but when it comes to our homes we think that white is the ultimate style classic. Although Millennial Pink and Greenery are 2017’s go-to shades, a pale palette always looks modern, fresh and bang on trend - here’s looking at you, Scandinavia. White tiles are super versatile - from rustic crackled wall tiles to sparkling polished slabs, they can be used to create a myriad of moods and looks. We’ll take you through our top ten white wonders below - hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take the plunge and consider a contemporary all-white scheme. Or perhaps you’ll use these tiles as the perfect foil for bright pops of colour?

White Wood Tiles

White Wood Effect Tiles

The pared-back Scandi look is easy to achieve at home, especially if your foundation is a fresh white canvas. So why not cover your floor space - aka the fifth wall - with the light planks of Artisan White? Even if you’re not a hardcore minimalist, a white floor is a great way to maximise light, especially in north-facing rooms. Wood effect tiles are most definitely in, so why not show off your design credential by laying ins a creative herringbone pattern?

White Chevron Tiles

White Chevron Tiles

We’ve spotted a new style on the horizon - take it from us, chevron tiles will be a hot trend for 2018! The more sophisticated sibling to herringbones, they’re just the trick for a fresh, clean kitchen. The classic zig-zag effect creates an illusion of depth, turning a flat wall into a standout splashback. To keep things further off the straight and narrow, a shot of Arrows Gloss Black will shake up an all-white setting.

Splashback Tiles

White Splashback Tiles

Could Opal White be the perfect splashback tile? It’s certainly one of our most popular wall tiles and we think we know why. The long, thin shape is more contemporary than the ubiquitous metro and the lavish, glossy glaze has a richness few other tiles can match. This is a warm white with hints of grey, but we didn’t say these white tiles have to be pure, did we?

Handmade Tiles

White Handmade Tiles

Crafted by hand from natural glaze and terracotta, it’s easy to see why Zellige tiles are something special. With their imperfect feel and irregular finish, these Moroccan-made clay tiles are the perfect way to rock the artisan look that’s always in vogue. In fact, they’re the embodiment of Wabi-Sabi - the Japanese philosophy that embraces modest imperfection. Whilst we don’t currently offer any handmade Zellige tiles, our Atelier White is a close man-made alternative.

White Marble Tiles

White Marble Tiles

When it comes to dialling up the drama at home, it’s difficult to look beyond marble. And in particular, white marble tiles - they’re the magic ingredient for creating swoon-worthy spaces. Our Timeless White are the perfect imitation of natural stone; they have all the elegance and luxury you’d associate with real Calacatta yet cost a fraction of the price. Team with leather furniture and rich walnut textures for the full-on glamourpuss look.

Plain Squares

White Square Tiles Bathroom

White Square Tiles Kitchen

Working to a tight budget shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Plain square tiles are having a revival and whilst they’re incredibly wallet-friendly, they’re also surprisingly sophisticated. But throw out the uniform look - brick bond these simple tiles and finish with a dark grey grout for a little dramatic contrast. This monochrome effect is perfect for creating Scandi-style kitchens and bathrooms, without breaking the bank. Get the look with Elements White Square.

Mermaid Tiles

White Mermaid Tiles

After pared-back style but don’t want to go too plain? Then steer clear of squares, refrain from rectangles and check out some of the more interesting shapes on offer. Like mermaid tiles, for example. These may have been around since time immemorial but they’re currently enjoying a design revival and they’re perhaps the ultimate blend of classic meets contemporary tiling. Case in point, our gorgeous Drops White. The elegant shape wouldn’t look out of place in an Elle Decor photoshoot.


White Marble Hexagon Wall Tiles

White Marble Hexagons

The striking geometric pattern formed by honeycomb tiles make them a real scene stealer, especially when the honeycombs in question happen to be marble-like. We’d go as far as saying that Marmi Hex is one of the most seductive tiles we’ve ever seen - utter proof that neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Pair with rose-quartz or burnished brass accessories to add a subtle element of glamour. For a slightly different take, why not play with texture? Our Fairmont Carrara mosaics - shown right - juxtapose matt and structured pieces of Carrara marble, adding layers of interest. They’ll give your space an extra shot of energy and make a tactile statement.

Polished Perfection

Polished White Tiles

You don’t have to be a devout minimalist to be partial to polished tiles, although it probably does help a little. Although we’ve recently retired our Super White large format tiles, their pristine-palette style was just made for rooms that are dressed to impress. After all, nothing screams contemporary luxe as much as a highly polished glacier white floor tile, especially when they’re oversized. Up the glamour stakes by adding sleek, modern furniture that doesn’t shy away.

Crackled Glaze Tiles

White Crackled Tiles

You know we said white tiles can create a myriad of moods? Well, if polished porcelain slabs represent the heights of modern glam, white crackled tiles are a throw back to a more sedate style. But that’s not to say they’re stuck in the past; with their long shape and irregular edges, our Padstow Cotton wall tiles are just made for that modish Modern Rustic look. Oozing character from every crack and craze, these tiles are perfect for adding layers of interest to a serene splashback setting.

And Before We Forget...

We might have already covered the ten most popular white tiles, but we just HAD to make room for the humble white metro tile. A true design classic, we still sell these by the bucketload - they’re the ceramic equivalent of the Little Black Dress, perfect for any occasion. They’re so adaptable that’ll you’ll find their bevelled-edge beauty almost anywhere; from hipster coffee shops to Scandi-inspired simple kitchens. Keep your eyes peeled - we’ll soon be launching our Metro XL series - a contemporary cousin to our classic metro tiles.

XL Metro Tiles

Metro Tiles Kitchen

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