Six Styles For Statement Showers

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
10th September 2020

Transforming bathrooms with a statement shower is one of the most exciting tile trends of recent years. With the ability to create unique and luxurious spaces in an enormous amount of styles, inspiration is all you need.

Feature Nook

One of the simplest ways to make a statement in the shower is to add a bright or decorative feature nook to hold soap and shampoos. Nooks can be large for those looking for plenty of space (and plenty of decoration), small for those who only need a little space (and enjoy the subtle surprise), or they can be used in sequence, allowing for sectioned products and variety in colour, pattern, or layout.

Image Credit - Decor Pad

Image Credit - Katie Campbell Interiors

Nooks are also the perfect way to break up a boldly tiled shower with something neutral.

A Space For Art
Image Credit - Remodelista

The often plain walls of a shower can act as a fantastic canvas for a little decorative tiling. Whether utilising intricately painted tiles or simply a creative mix of tiles (be it texture, colour, size, or design) can help produce a wonderful and unusual space to enjoy a wash.

Bold Top to Tail Tiling

Fully tiling a wet room is often a necessity to ensure the space works as intended, but top to tail tiling can also apply to a shower in a standard bathroom. Matching tiles on the floor and walls envelopes the space, producing a welcoming shower that stands out from the rest of the room.

Image Credit - Alux Doors

Rich colours are beautifully inviting, small formats are subtly decorative, and neutral tones have a calming effect.

Our Crackle Bottle Green, designed by Barlow and Barlow
Old School Colours in Modern Styles

Reinterpret the avocado suite with light green tone tiles, brass taps and plenty of glass. Or enjoy 1950s pastel chic with a curved shower wall, a feature wall of Provençal tiles, or by mixing textured pastel zellige with classic marble looks.

Image Credit - Alex Strohl & Banner Day

A bold, warm space can be achieved using the 70s retro shades of orange, brown, and mustard yellow with the trendy tile shapes of today to create a modern space.

Floral Floor

Delicate patterns are perfect for adding a statement that doesn’t overwhelm a space. Beautiful floral motifs are a wonderful addition to neutral spaces, or can help tie together colours accented in the design. These patterns can be as vibrant, muted, large scale, or as small as desired, and will work as a wonderful feature no matter the style.

Image Credit - Romantic Homes

Dark and Stylish

Dark bathrooms are incredibly trendy and a dark tiled shower is the perfect way to incorporate modern moodiness into the home. Freeing up the rest of the bathroom to be colourful or neutral, whilst drawing the eye and making the shower seem spacious and endless.

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Image Credit - Puffik Homes

Whether using texture tiles, dark slate, or even a dark wood-effect, a black shower will add a fantastically chic element into the bathroom.