Six shapes for every room

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
4th September 2020

The tile world has a lot to offer, as we at Porcelain Superstore try to demonstrate with our numerous collections, designs, and styles. Although glazes, colour, size, and layout all have their own part to play on the atmosphere a tiled interior provides, sometimes it all comes down to the shape. Here are six shapes to show what we mean.

The Standard Subway

Dorset White

Harmony Stone

One of the most standard of shapes when it comes to tiling is the classic subway. These rectangular tiles have an air of tradition about them, commonly with a length two or three times their width, they have a typical brick-like look. They are simple to lay and organise due to their standardised shape and their classic shape works well with both modern and conventional interiors. Whether plain or patterned, subway tiles can work with all styles acting as a trendy tiered splash back, a moody blue breakfast bar, or a timeless neutral bathroom.

Fantastical Fish scales

Drops White

Corsica Fan

The curved and delicate fish scale tile is one of the most delightful. It has a wonderful ability to transform an interior into a place with a little magic and mystery, something of the seaside, and a playful place of peace. With the help of the stunning shape, these tiles can produce a huge range of aesthetic options with a little flair from crackle glazes, ethereal tones and layout choices. The results can be joyfully maritime, rich and regal, or add intrigue to an otherwise classic interior.

Classy Chevrons

Sharp edged chevrons are sophisticated. Their angled ends draw the eye whilst the classic straight lines become a subtle form of decoration. Differences in angle and size transform the chevrons, producing a plethora of styles from a standard herringbone floor to a beautifully inclined mosaic wall.


Handsome Hexagons

Porto White

Moroccan Mix

A firm favourite for the tile world, hexagons are a brilliant canvas for pattern and a fantastic form of decoration in their own right. The many sides offer a huge amount of freedom when it comes to layout, allowing for unique arrangements and designs. Whether it’s a naturally textured floor, and intricate mosaic, or mix and match decors, the hexagon can make any space pop.


Practical Pickets

Concorde White

Concorde Teal

The perfect combination of standard subways and handsome hexagons, picket tiles can make a statement in any room. Their elongated bodies add a touch of glamour with the pointed ends offering a delightful distraction. Angled, staggered, or straight, horizontal or vertical, a picket tile does it all.


Simple Square

Highly popular and eternally customisable, the simple square should not be neglected. Despite its obvious shape, the square tile has so much more to offer than simple ease of layout. There are so many patterns, designs, textures, and tones to choose from, creating brilliantly dramatic statements, classic compositions, and timeless chic.