Say YES to yellow!

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th August 2021

A colour that can be both bright and sunny, light and delicate, or rich and sophisticated, yellow has a lot going for it. Combine with dark wood for a comforting earthiness, mix with greens and blues for a nature-inspired design, or play with pattern to create something fun.


Pastels Lemon

Our light and airy Pastels Lemon wall tiles are both bright and soft. With a slight hint of lime green, a subtle surface texture, and a glossy finish, these tiles can produce really unique spaces. The elongated shape makes it easy to experiment with layout whilst the wavy edges offer an essence of artisanal design.


Palm Springs Mustard

Ideal for both floors and walls, our hexagonal lilypad tiles have retro flair, an organic multi-tonal look, and a soft matt finish. Numerous layout options and matching patterns in various colours makes Palm Springs Mustard the perfect partner for bold design.


Albert’s Mustard Yellow

Rich and mature, our Albert’s Mustard Yellow tiles are a Victorian classic. In a standard subway shape with a crackled gloss finish, these Prince Albert inspired tiles celebrate traditional British craft, ideal for old-fashioned styling, or to add a touch of timeless class to modern interiors.