Romantic Tiling

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
12th February 2021

A romantic interior can be defined many ways. For some, romantic design encompasses elements from the 18th Century art movement Romanticism, emphasising above all else an admiration for nature, as well as medieval motifs, tableaux, and characteristics, and an unmistakable expression of individual emotion. Basically, in the modern day the look is classical but softened with pastels and delicate florals.

Image from Jessica Lagrange Interiors

For others, a romantic interior is all about mood. With no defined style the focus is on rich colours (reds, pinks, and purples), which help to offer comfort and invite passion. These colours can be toned down with neutrals and pale accents, or enriched further with pattern and design.

Image from Decisions Made

Other times, it is a combination of the two that can create the perfect romantic style. Mixing antique furniture with the modern, combining pastels with warm wine tones, and floral motifs given strength with tone and scale can all contribute to produce a room fit for love. But how can tiles help?

Image from Nelson Wilson Interiors

The vast variety of pattern and colour in the tile world, as well as the multitude of textures achieved and subtlety in finish can offer a romantic flair to any room, regardless of style. To head down the route of traditional femininity pinks and pastels may take your fancy. Enjoy tonal variety and an elegant gloss finish with our Marais Rose tiles, perfect to add a pop of romance to any space, especially when laid vertically and complemented with plenty of fresh vegetation.

Marais Rose

No colour is more likened with love than red, perfect to symbolise both the beating heart and the offered rose. The deep tones of Victorian Red means a house can promise passion with a simple touch of tile.

Victorian Red

For those looking for a more traditionally Romantic look, offering the appearance of natural stone is the way to go. The pale greys of quartzite-inspired surfaces are the ideal partners for this style of interior. The delicate hues soften the space whilst the white veining distracts the eye with neutral yet intriguing décor.

Snowdon Grey

Subtlety can really be key for a romantic interior space, as the hidden elements invite onlookers to get up-close-and-personal with each corner, celebrating the tactile nature of surfaces and demonstrating the beauty in multi-sensory design. The gentle ridges of our Malvern White Décor tiles are understated enough to be ignored, but once noticed can be hard to look away from. Alternatively, the intricacies of our Shiraz Pearl offer the ornate motifs of classical design, with a modern mix-and-match style.Malvern White Decor

Shiraz Pearl


As for more overt décor, one of the most delightful of our ranges takes its inspiration from traditionally Moorish design with a simple blue and white colour scheme and repeat motif combined on a hexagon tile. Perfect to mix with bold, passionate tones, or coupled with sweet and soft neutrals, pale pinks, blues, and yellows. Seville Persian Blue is fantastically versatile in its romantic abilities, calming spaces or enlivening them, adding detail and intrigue, and allowing its delicate nature to be either quietly inviting, or ornamentally seductive.

Seville Persian Blue