Retro with Hicho

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
13th May 2020

Hanna Simpson from, a friend of ours who can’t help but enjoy a good tile, scours the internet to find the latest and greatest things people are doing with tile, from the strange things people use to make them, to awesome public art-installations, to town-wide mosaics and murals. Today she is sharing sharing an artist’s take on ceramic retro.

Greg Hicho produces pop-art ceramics with a stylistic focus on retro-feel toys, products, and scenes. The nostalgic plaques are hand-sculpted, moulded, and painted with bright colours completing the trip down memory lane. TV dinners, Sea Monkeys, Troll Dolls, and drive-ins are just a few of the things that appear in his earthenware tiles.

Retro-looks have been back in fashion for a number of years, and these ceramic artworks fit the bill as an original replacement for posters and pre-aged objects. Hicho creates depressions in the tiles so they can be hung as standard art, although combined with standard wall tiles they are sure to liven up any tiled interior, adding humour and whimsy.

Heading to Etsy (where these tiles were discovered) will help you get your hands on the fun little pieces whilst supporting a ceramic-celebrating artist. Hopefully at the very least they serve as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to revamp their kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces with one of the world’s best surfaces.