Our Marais Green Tiles 9 Ways

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
3th February 2022

Deep, inky green tones in a 6.5 by 20cm format, these Paris-inspired tiles look good anywhere. And our customers have the homes to prove it. Here are just nine examples of the stunning spaces Marais Green have created.


1) @harvey_home_eclectic

This fabulous fireplace offers old-school chic with a detailed surround and our multi-hued tiles.


2) @endofthegrove

A gorgeous herring-bone splash back, adds understated drama to this neutral-toned kitchen.


3) @georgianhouseinsussex

Fresh-faced and lovely, this revamped family bathroom is wrapped in a warm Marais Green herringbone laid hug.


4) @the_diy_dodds

It’s all going on in this fireplace, with a brick back, olive green surround, and our lovely Marais Green tiles glittering in the centre.


5) @greenbelt_bungalow

A simple bathroom gone gorgeous with a delightful feature and mini sink splash back.


6) @keats80

Inviting us to explore the space, our Marais Green tiles look incredible in this floor to ceiling shower, with a matching step.


7) @spruce.interiors.notts

Surrounding a wonderful porthole window are our horizontally laid Marais Green tiles, creating contrast with an effortlessly stylish vibe.


8) @tenement_213

A rich brick-laid backsplash partners perfectly with cream cabinets and a warm wooden worktop in this stunning kitchen.


9) @manse_makeover

This nature-inspired shower emphasises the many shades of our Marais Green tiles with an incredible mixed-foliage wallpaper.