Naturally Stylish Natural Stone Lookalikes

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
2th November 2020

It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s incredibly diverse. Natural stone is and will always be an interior mainstay. However it can be difficult to pick between marble, granite, quartz, or onyx, especially when their porcelain counterparts have a lot to offer.

Natural stone can be extremely expensive both to purchase and install, and can require significantly more maintenance than porcelain. The added benefit of aesthetic variation within porcelain tile imitations (in colour, veining, and texture) is just another reason consumers are preferring porcelain over natural stone.

To experience just a little of what porcelain imitations have to offer, take a look at some of our collections.

Snowdon Grey

These Spanish 31 x 61cm floor and wall tiles are new to Porcelain Superstore. They have a delicate, brushed look with dappled veining inspired by natural quartzite. Their textured matt surface is delightful to touch, and adds to the gentle appearance of these gorgeous tiles.

Chicago Light

Another of our new ranges, Chicago Light is a rough-and-ready industrial chic style tile that balances a time-worn aesthetic with a highly polished surface. Over 20 different faces make up the range, providing an impactful, realistic look that works fantastically on both floors and walls.

Imperial Marble Polished

The last of our new ranges, Imperial Marble Polished, is a tile that offers a royal flourish. Warm sandy tones are offset against the deep brown veining with a highly polished sheen adding class and elegance. Their large format (60 x 120cm) ensures a grand look for interiors that partners beautifully with both modern and traditional styles.


Our Bistrot collection is made up of four distinct looks:

  • Bistrot Marfil - inspired by the unique cream coloured marble Crema Marfil
  • Bistrot Grey - inspired by classic grey marbles found throughout Venice
  • Bistrot Calacatta - inspired by the dramatically veined calacatta marble
  • Bistrot Black - inspired by an elegant and palatial black marble

Each belongs to its own style family, although they are all tied together by their beauty and highly realistic looks.


Our Swoon collection is a modern take on marble. With five options (Swoon White, Swoon Grey, Swoon Black, Swoon Diamond Décor, and Swoon Mix Décor) demonstrating the unique creative beauty to be found in imitation stone.

The plain tiles offer the classic veining in neutral tones whilst the two decors take marble looks to another level, combining traditional materials with highly decorative pattern work.