Love it or hate it? Terrazzo

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
14th March 2022

Despite being a classic, widely used surface, terrazzo can elicit some strong opinions. Some get flashbacks of their old school floor, or their grandparents' house, or the mall, and others find the speckled surface chic, timeless, and elegant. We belong to the latter group, pleased to see fresh faced terrazzo gracing modern homes. So let’s see if we can change some minds.


1) Varied and versatile

Since it was first used in Italy in the 16th century, terrazzo has been chopped and changed into numerous styles with colours, patterns, and materials making for incredible creations that might sway the most avid of terrazzo-haters. There are pinks, there are greens, there are blues, yellows, and oranges. You can find terrazzo in almost any colour combination you want with stone chips, recycled plastic, or even metal waste adding drama and decor.

Shown: Terrazzo Polished and Portico


2) Striking and stylish

Terrazzo doesn't have to fade into the background. It can be an incredible focal point, full of drama and detail with vivid shades, dark tones, or cool pastels mixing up the vibe. You can vary chip sizes to create a dynamic, playful look or stay bold with large chunks of unusual rock that add strong contrast and scaled-up detail.


Shown: Arlo Dark and Tribeca Pearl


3) Colour

Whether it’s in the stone fragments or the background, terrazzo is made to celebrate colour. Enjoy bright specks against a black background, rich earthy tones against an organic cream shade or hints of unexpected colour amongst natural tones.


Shown: Flecks White and Arlo Blue


4) Contemporary or classic

Terrazzo looks good anywhere whether you’re styling a grand open-plan living space or a small utility room. Patterns, colours, and chip sizes can be found to suit any scheme, with countless personalities to be created with a little mixing and matching.


Shown: Arlo Light and Tutti Frutti Dark


5) Easy to clean

This one is mostly for terrazzo's little sister - terrazzo-effect tiles. Like almost every tile, they are very easy to clean and care for with minimal maintenance needs. They also don’t age and crack like real terrazzo can.

Shown: Tutti Frutti and Arlo Blue


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