Looking Forward To The 1970s

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th April 2020

Pop Art, the fantastic curvy furniture of the late 60s and early 70s - and the large surface patterns of fabrics and textiles of that influential era - have inspired many of the most exciting new decorative tile ranges.

This has found its ultimate expression in new tile designs reminiscent of the strobe lights of a 70s Disco, that reflect light and feature subtle surface flashes. Some of the small formats available imitate the chunky, angular ceramics of the decade with their rich syrupy glazes. A number of tiles even reference the iconic 1970s Swiss Cheese Plant, or Monstera Deliciosa (as it is formally called): the signature houseplant of the 70s.

The Pop Art revival has seen a strong resurgence of classic square formats such as 130 by 130mm and 150 by 150mm, alongside the small rectangles that have been setting the wall tile agenda for the past 18 months. This design space is also where you will find rich colours such as Burnt Orange, Toffee, Jade, Sapphire, Bottle Green, and Black. Iridescent and craquelle glaze effects, often combined with platinum, copper, iron, gold, and silver metallic effects, are also being used to add mystery and allure in this arena.

Harlequin, our outstanding 110 by 330mm multi-coloured Spanish porcelain range will get you into the mood. Composed of triangles in a tempting array of playful hues, they provide a colour-mix masterclass. While each of the tones is quite subtle, they combine to form a pulsating palette that is carefully anchored by a neutral white base. Textured to add warmth and tactile appeal, this is a range that will really bring out your creative soul. And, in these strange and unsettling times, Harlequin also offers a much-needed dose of fun.

It may not be obvious, but our Onice Pearl Mosaic, 280 by 300mm, can play a dynamic role in any disco-inspired retro interior. These utterly gorgeous pieces were inspired by a highly-polished version of our best-selling Onice Pearl tile. In this design one end of each hexagon is truncated and finished in a platinum glaze. The result is geometric glamour at its finest; a look that is luxurious and elegant, but also energising and flexible.

Paired with the right paint colours, Onice Pearl Mosaic can deliver the eye-catching feature wall of your dreams, or can add a glitz to smaller splashbacks and en-suites. Think of them as a flattened disco ball … and watch the play of light bring your interior to life!

And if it is the revival in period colour that tickles your fancy, check out our sumptuous Marais Burgundy tiles. These 65 by 200mm gloss glazed Spanish tiles take red to a whole new dimension. These deeper shades are on-trend right now, and we feel that their metro really hits the sweet spot. What is most appealing is the subtle variety from piece to piece, and the rippled surface that adds a look of real class.

So why not explore the true potential of Porcelain Superstore’s tile portfolio and reveal your inner disco diva?