Key Bathroom Trends For 2021

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
11th January 2021

In the ceramic and porcelain tile world, the trend-setting nations continue to be Italy and Spain. But when it comes to those key components that work alongside tiles to deliver cutting-edge aesthetics in the kitchen and bathroom, we really need to cast our design net a whole lot wider.

Some interior design fashionistas can be a bit sniffy about the USA. They perceive a triumph of superficial style over substance; and a tendency towards rather crude delivery. But if we take just one area of the home – the shower – we will see that many of today's most sought-after styles originated across the Pond.

Here, we're talking about fully-tiled walk-in showers, integrated storage niches, and sleek, unobtrusive linear drainage. All these innovations, which are setting the pace in UK bathrooms right now, first achieved commercial traction in America.

So at Porcelain Superstore, when Infinity Drain - a USA-based leader in decorative shower and wet area drain solutions - identifies key bathroom design trends, styles, and finishes for 2021, we stand up and take notice.

Shower Trends

As Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain, explains:

“Going forward, some of the major trends we are seeing are:

  • The home spa takes centre stage
  • Trades people are now embracing time-saving modernisation with products that allow them to deliver projects quickly and more cost-effectively
  • Hygiene at home is a priority

“Wet rooms make it far easier to spray down and clean walls - and floors - since there is no separation between wet and dry areas.

"Safety considerations are also top-of-mind - creating safe areas that drain well and have barrier-free access for all. Linear drains work seamlessly in these environments to create barrier-free wet room designs.”

Colour Trends

According to Infinity Drain, and confirming something we are seeing in the UK, Matt Black is the “it” colour for fixtures and hardware as it pairs well with smart, cool neutrals from white to grey which are the predominant colours for both cabinetry and tiles.

This simulated 3D effect tiled floor is shown here with Infinity Drain’s on-trend Matte Black wedge wire cover.

This is also a look that we can help deliver. Take a peek at Swoon Diamond or Mix Décors, or – for a really close approximation – Diamond Twist. But dramatic monochrome impact can also be achieved with Lava Plain Black, Victorian Octagon, Tutti Frutti Dark, or Tapestry Black. All these superb tiles bring an authentic boutique hotel vibe to your bathroom.

For 2021, the overall colour palette is beginning to warm with green blues, warm whites, greige (grey/beige), and wood tones.

An excellent option to tie in a warm matt look that is rich and full of vintage charm is bronze. Satin bronze, for instance, can create a welcoming and warm spa-like bathroom combining the traditional feel of brass with the modern appeal of rose gold.

This uber-luxurious masculine bathroom rocks an Infinity Drain satin bronze cover. This is a look that can be effortlessly created with Porcelain Superstore’s portfolio.

We’re not talking about exact replication, more about achieving a similar vibe and design impact. Check out our Dwell Black, Fez Teal, or Country Dove Grey tiles for three very different options with comparable impact.

At the same time Satin and Polished Stainless Steel are timeless finishes that remain extremely popular for their durability and flexibility to integrate with any style.

When it comes to drainage grate styles for 2021, Infinity feels that geometric patterns and intricate shapes will grow in popularity among homeowners (and designers) looking to make a statement.

But make no mistake, today’s dominant style trend is the one that disappears entirely: drains that have narrow profiles, and virtually disappear from view: making the tile pattern the hero in the space.