Collection Spotlight: Soulful

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
12th June 2020

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The past is history. The future is mysterious. Then tomorrow… this starts all over again.”

Kat Lahr may have been talking about the cyclical nature of history, but her words are just as apposite to interior design in general, and ceramic tile trends in particular. In the 40 years since modern methods of production established ceramic tiles as one of the most versatile and affordable surface options, we have witnessed a constant evolution of design; and an equally consistent revisiting of tile’s design heritage.

In 2020 this has become a particularly powerful trend, as the home owners’ desire for authenticity, sustainability, reliability, and beauty has led to a dramatic renaissance of classic, small format, glazed tiles.

Soulful Emerald - trendy and timeless tiles

And while some tiles are made for the here and now; and some are made to stand the test of time; there are just a few, such as our Soulful wall tile range, that are able to achieve both. Soulful looks great today, will look great tomorrow, and will still look great far off in the future.

What’s the secret of this longevity? Well, we think there are three secrets wrapped up in one deceptively simple package.


One key is the tile’s dimensions. At 100m by 200mm, Soulful harks back to one of starting point’s of tile’s democratisation: the 4in by 8in tile: a staple of domestic design through the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. This shape works well in almost any space, and suits both horizontal or vertical laying patterns, or a combination of the two. Today’s designers are even experimenting with 100 by 200mm tiles in a 45o angled setting for added impact.

The classic shape can be laid both horizontally and vertically - even in the same room


The second key element is the glaze: which is an uncomplicated, pretty gloss that articulates the slightly bumpy base of the tile.


And, finally, there is the colour. We have two options: Emerald (a subtle blue-green), and Pearl (a near-white). Both of these beautiful tones feature subtle shading across the face of each tile, and delicate differentiation from tile to tile. The result is an authentic and traditional hand-made effect that delivers soothing yet vibrant walls.

Soulful Pearl

Soulful Emerald

The Pearl hue is on the warmer shade of white, with hints of beige and pale grey. At Porcelain Superstore we find some white wall tiles are just too pure and stark, and so we love that Soulful Pearl is so in touch with it’s feminine side and has such a soft vibe.

The Soulful range – which is made for us by one of the leading Spanish tile manufacturers - can breath new life into a tired kitchen splashback, or provide an elegant feature wall in the bathroom. The two colour options work equally well on their own or when paired. The result is a timeless look that will not date.

For an on-trend look, why not combine Soulful with our Fitz patterned tile for an Art Deco-inspired finish that is certain to impress, or use Soulful tiles as a powerful contrast to dark painted kitchen cabinets.

For value, versatility, and verve, Soulful delivers the complete package!