Get The Look - Sleek modern space

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
22nd November 2021

Sometimes clean lines and fresh open spaces are all you want in an interior. Breathable, defined, with a clear sense of utility, sleek modern spaces cleanse the mind and give you space to think. But how to get there?

Step 1: The colours

White and grey are obvious choices. They’re neutral, they go with everything and they have a very definitive ‘spotless’ quality. But they aren’t the only choices. Warmer shades like cream, beige and taupe work the neutral side, whilst adding a touch of comfort and depth. Blacks and other dark tones offer contrast that emphasises lines and creates a sense of stability in a space.


Step 2: The materials

Natural materials are key for sleek modern interiors. Cool veined marble, granite, and onyx offer luxury and detail whilst working with a neutral palette. Other stones such as limestone and travertine give a softer take with slightly warmer tones and surface imperfections. Wood of all kinds are welcome in a sleek modern space as long as they have sharp angles and defined lines. Make a feature of the grain or simply add a touch of warmth to the space.


Step 3: The lines

Clean lines are essential for a sleek look. When choosing furniture, tiles, features, and accents imagine the levels and layers of a room. It shouldn’t be too divided that it’s clunky, nor too varied that it’s confusing. Blend or create layers with small details like paintings, mirrors, or hanging lights. Vary materials for contrast but keep floors and walls relatively homogenous.


Step 4: The space

Creating as much space as possible adds the flowing, fresh sense that sleek modern interiors are known for. Floating vanities, cabinets, toilets, and shelves can offer the illusion of a larger room, as can a touch of clever lighting. Glass walls and dividers are perfect for bathrooms, being functional, sleek, and transparent.


Step 5: The detail

Homes are made to be lived in, so don’t be afraid to add personality. Colour is welcome, especially bold choices like mustard, teal, and lime. Add a throw, a pillow, a unique piece of furniture, or a rug and make the space yours. Allow potted plants to break up the straight lines, adding gorgeous greens and organic curves. Play with lighting that dangles, stretches across spaces, or otherwise makes a statement.



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