Get The Look - Nautical bedroom

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
18th April 2022

Nautical vibes are usually reserved for the bathroom, or seaside holiday homes, but today we thought we’d mix it up by blending ocean classics with the comfort of bed. A few steps and tips are all it takes to create the beachy bedroom of your dreams.


Step 1: The colours

Navy blue is a classic. Rich, timeless, and extremely versatile, it’s the number one choice for a nautical interior. Other shades of blue, from sky to sapphire to cornflower are also all welcome, mirroring the gorgeous variety of tones found in the sea. Whites and neutrals should form the basis of the design, calming, softening, and partnering perfectly with the blues.

Images from: homedecorbliss and L'Essenziale


Step 2: The materials

Natural cottons and linens, as well as sturdier canvas and knits are the best for soft furnishings and bedding. For structural elements, storage, walls, and floors, wood in its many forms is the ideal choice. Woven bamboo or rattan also makes for perfect detail when used as decorative lighting or furniture.

Images from: Ideal Home and Completely Coastal


Step 3: The patterns

Stripes are key but shouldn’t be over done. A bedspread, blanket, rug, side table, or chair in traditional blue and white stripes will create an undeniably nautical space, but pick only a few pieces for the pattern. Other designs that make use of straight lines and simplistic motifs in a similar colour palette are a stylish stand-in for those who don’t like stripes. Or if you feel so inclined, add some playful realism with patterns that incorporate ships, clouds, anchors, shells or birds.

Images from: homedesignlover and Secret Linen Store


Step 4: The decor

The beauty of a nautical design is that a few specifics make it instantly recognisable. That means it’s fairly straightforward to create, and you can have as much fun as you like with the rest of the space. Ship’s wheels, lifebuoys, seashells, paintings of boats, fish, or more are all great décor items for a fully themed space. Oars, circular mirrors, bottles, netting, or rope are some more subtle options that can be easily incorporated into furniture or on walls.

Images from: Tim Young and justheadboards