History in The Remaking

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
9th March 2020

Among the top European manufacturers, using classic small sizes and digital decoration to reinvent and reinterpret tile’s long history has gained real traction over the past 12 months. This has resulted in some beautiful glaze effects, both matt and gloss, and a fresh flowering of patterned tiles, many of which draw on designs of yesteryear. The end product: a huge variety of inspirational fresh designs. Some play clear homage to classic design movements, notably Art Deco; while others subtly meld influences like ancient Moorish ceramics and 19th century Mediterranean domestic design.

After years of disciplined and understated minimalism, with its unemotional muted palette, recent tile exhibitions have been awash with bold and surprising colours, alluring patterns, and irrisistibly tactile surfaces. At the same time, clever pastel combinations have emerged, alongside new monochrome creations.

The Porcelain Superstore team has scoured this abundance of riches to offer our customers the latest cutting-edge styles, while maintaining our hard-won reputation for providing excellent value for money.

A couple of recent additions to our portfolio are good examples. The vogue for pretty feminine patterns with lasting allure is captured by Hove Blue, shown below. These hard-wearing Spanish porcelain tiles feature a cross-hatched pattern in blue, white, and black. The motif runs from tile-to-tile: simple yet sophisticated. A modern take on Victorian elegance, Hove Blue is very versatile. Measuring 200 by 200mm – a size that echoes the classic 8in squares of the past – these geometric tiles can be used to create a warm welcome in a small porch, or pack a punch over a larger kitchen floor.

Hove Blue

Meanwhile, offering a clear nod to Art Deco, our new Diamond Twist has a modern, monochrome look. Also 200 by 200mm, these small size pieces can deliver an extra dimension to any space, from a downstairs loo through to an imposing front hall.

Diamond Twist

Of course, grey tiles are a trend in their own right and, at this year’s Cevisama, there were hundreds of shades of grey. But we feel that Diamond Twist offers the best of all worlds. It not only goes with pretty much any other hue, but can also bear the decorative burden on its own.

Manufactured from high-quality porcelain, Diamond Twist is hard-wearing, waterproof, and can even be used outdoors as it is frost-proof. For a city apartment, this means that you can now take the 3D look through the kitchen out onto the balcony. What a design statement!