Go Geometric Go

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th April 2020

There’s so much we can share about tiles and design; but for some the sheer variety of ranges on offer can be a bit daunting.

However, if you break down all the choices into handy design families, it becomes so much easier to identify the exact look you are seeking. One particular favourite of ours is the good old hexagon, so we’re going to start with this timeless tile design classic.

When it comes to basic tile shapes square and rectangular formats may seem miles ahead in popularity, but hot on their tail is the wonderfully simple hexagon. This fun little shape offers a myriad of design options, from surface decoration to format variations. It offers more visual interest than a metro tile (not that we have anything against metro tiles) and the honeycomb composition provides immediate atmospheric warmth. 

Our Palm Springs range takes full advantage of the shape’s geometry, offering an effortless level of décor that can be oriented and organised into a multitude of patterns. The colours are a range of trendy pastels from pale pink, to turquoise and grey. The five thin lines radiate out into their three opposing corners, reminiscent of light rays or, when combined, stars.

Palm Springs Pink

Lagom White has a similar effect, utilising colour in the décor against its white body. For a natural neutral look, the Transit range offers a variety of grey shades from dark to light, and a speckled surface with a matt finish. These Spanish porcelain hexagons are perfect for the majority of home uses, including wetrooms, kitchens, and areas with under-floor heating. Their frost-proof body also makes them suitable for external uses.

Combining all three greys in the range is Transit Décor which gives a fun artistic geometric edge to the natural looking collection.
 Other natural look hexagonal tiles can be found in our Croft Cotto, Croft Grey, and Marmi Hex which each take on a different stone look, including the most elegant of all: marble.

A classic white look can also be found with Mini Hex White Gloss, Porto White, and Mono White, as well as with our hexagonal mosaic ranges.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Moroccan Mix Hex. This vibrant collection of mix-and-match porcelain tiles span geometrics, arabesque, and spiral designs to create a lively patchwork of colour.

Some geometric forms have a brief heyday and then fall off the design radar. But the hexagon is a true design classic; a shape you can select with confidence as it will look as relevant and appealing in a decade’s time … or more … as it does right now.