Get inspired by these 5 natural stone looks

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
25th October 2021

Varied veining, intriguing colours, and unmistakable elegance cements natural stone as a firm interior design favourite. Not just in white and grey, our natural stone look tiles offer some striking examples of bold colour and statement design.


Onyx Green

A powerful burst of green and gold serves royalty. At 60 by 120cm these large tiles are ideal for creating intense visuals and unique spaces. The translucent, mirror-like surface adds depth and realism whilst the polished finish oozes luxury. Working in tandem with high levels of variation between each tile, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between these and natural onyx.

Persian Azul

The unusual blue veins of luxury onyx have an otherworldly look. Made from porcelain, their large 60 by 120cm size offers up maximal impact with minimal maintenance. Soft greys and whites calm the look whilst the ripples in blue decorate and delight.



Simple white and grey marble style in contemporary shapes, our Atrium tiles are perfect for considered layouts and patterns. A modern elongated subway tile at 7.5 by 30cm is offered for walls, ideal to create herringbone designs or to play with perspective. A matching white hexagon tile can be used on the floors, tying together the space.



Taking inspiration from a variety of natural stones, our Horizon collection celebrates the subtle nuance in texture and tone found in worn materials. In White, Beige, and Grey, Horizon’s simple 80 by 80cm format is the perfect flooring for almost any room.



Inspired by natural slates, our three Ardesia tiles offer distinct vibes and colour palettes. Whether it’s the dark and rusty Natural, the soft and delicate Almond, or the unusual Ocre, these tiles will add organic charm to any interior.