Fluid Forms

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
23rd October 2020

One of the privileges of working at Porcelain Superstore is that we get first sight of new bathroom and kitchen designs before they hit the UK’s showrooms. Of course many of these new interior piece are fairly run of the mill, but we also get to see the bold, the barmy and, every now and then, the outrageously beautiful.

This week, was a case in point, when we were send the full specs and pics of Aura and Astro: two stunning new freestanding bathroom sinks designed by Marco Piva for the ultra chic Italian marble house, Antonio Lupi Design.

Astro, a new freestanding basin concept from Antonio Lupi

Fabricated in Cristalmood, Aura and Astro have a strong personality and a sculptural presence that acquires even more dynamic impact when back-lit.

“Cristalmood is an almost magical material,” says Marco Piva. “I worked on the relationship between the pure geometry of the container and the soft internal shape of the basin.”


...and Aura

Andrea Lupi, CEO of Antonio Lupi Design notes: "Cristalmood is a surprising material, rich in reflections and energy. Resistant like stone, transparent like crystal, this resin has allowed us to develop shapes that would have been unthinkable with any other material.”

To create Aura and Astro, Cristalmood resin is poured into special moulds. Once the resin has solidified, it is sanded and polished manually to remove any imperfections and achieve maximum brightness. Finally, a protective finish is applied. Due to this hand-craftsmanship, each Cristalmood product is unique and unrepeatable, with slight differences in colour, size, and thickness.

The Astro basin

Astro and Aura sinks are equipped with LED lighting, and can be combined with freestanding or countertop taps. They are available in 13 Cristalmood colours, with the opaque body masking all pipework from view.

In short: stunning statement pieces for discerning bathers!