Five Tiles That Prove White Bathrooms Don’t Have To Be Boring

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
24th August 2020

A tiled white bathroom is classic, with pure white demonstrating cleanliness and freshness, and tiles ensuring the space is easy to wash and maintain. Recently there has been a move towards moody black bathrooms, and bright colours for a more interesting space. But white doesn’t have to mean boring, and here are five collections to prove just that.

Heritage Star White

Perfect for the rustic revolution - Heritage Star White

This vintage-look 45 by 45cm tile offers a faux aged effect and a delightfully decorative eight-pointed star pattern. The rugged grout lines give the impression of a well-loved interior whilst the faded and worn star pattern adds character to both walls and floors.

Hoxton Ice Décor

A contemporary kitchen tiled in Hoxton Ice and the matching decor

Another tile that takes advantage of an aged appearance is our 10 by 30cm Hoxton Ice range. The plain white tiles with scuffed edges add a touch of warmth and rustic appeal, whilst their decorative counterparts add style in the form of grey scale striping.

Drops White

To add décor without colour, shape is key. A firm favourite for interior design is the fish scale tile - beautifully elegant with multiple layout options. Our Drops White offers a classic white interior with the added enchantment of soft curves.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti - looks good enough to eat!

Flecks of colour added to a predominantly white tile can add subtle playfulness and a nod to traditional terrazzo. Our Tutti Frutti tiles have a raft of pale coloured chips throughout the surface enhancing the intrigue and providing a white tile with something a little extra.

Soulful Pearl

Soulful Pearl

A gorgeous gloss glaze and textured surface meet in our Soulful Pearl tiles. A warmer shade of white adds a comforting element whilst the almost pearlescent sheen adds an air of mystique. A stunning take on the classic white tile, Soulful Pearl is sure to add something special.