Five Fashionable Feature Walls

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
10th June 2020

At Porcelain Superstore we’re all about making tiles accessible and affordable, as well as providing stylish suggestions for their use. One way to ensure a statement is with a feature wall; a place that can be as big or small as you like and home to a huge number of designs.

Art Deco Drama

The new decade has opened the door to a vast quantity of 20s retro aesthetics, not least of all the return of Art Deco. A classic, luxurious, and classy look, making use of stylised geometrics, fan shapes, and repetitive and obscure floral motifs, Art Deco is favoured among many, and there are plenty of tile designs recently created to celebrate this trend.

Timeless Sophistication - our Fitz wall tiles.

One new addition to our range is Fitz, an understated, neutral Art Deco pattern that offers a retroactively futuristic style, perfect for a feature wall that stands alone or works in harmony with 20s themed furnishings.

Tutti Frutti

For something a little playful, our Tutti Frutti terrazzo style tiles provides a touch of visual intrigue without overpowering a space. With options in both black and white the Tutti Frutti style can be both delicate and moody, working with neutrals, or as the perfect partner to vibrant colours.

Colour Pop

A real statement can be made with a daring use of colour, powerfully enhancing a space by adding warmth and depth. Our Palm Springs collection features a beautiful variety of tones, including the newest addition, Palm Springs Mustard. Blue, Pink, Turquoise, and Green options in their hexagonal format and pointed Art Deco detail create spectacular visuals perfect for a feature wall.

Mix & Match

Colour in pattern provides its own appeal, with mix and match collections being extremely popular in the last few years. With so many styles ensuring personalities of all types are represented, mix and match tiles work incredibly as feature walls that are unique and characterful.

Tivoli Mix - playful and fun

Tivoli Mix’s colourful geometrics on wood-look bases, shown above, are particularly unusual, with a playful Nordic appeal and cheerful tones. Our Artiste Azul Mix (below) is slightly more traditional, with a Delft look and hand-painted charm. For a more neutral look, our Lava Grey Mix offers a simple and sophisticated patchwork pattern.

Artiste Azul has a hand-painted charm you don't often find in modern tiling

Tantalising Texture

The subtle and the decorative go hand in hand with textured tiles, another fantastic option for a feature wall. Our Bon Ton Décor tiles, demonstrate this nicely - as shown below - with small brick formats decorated with geometric reliefs that pop out from the white gloss.

Geometric textures are a great way to add interest to a relatively plain wall

Alternatively our Masai Mix takes a floral approach, with abstract designs and a range of neutrals and added depth provided by embossed motifs.

Feature walls and freestanding baths - a marriage made in heaven!