Find the Victorian tiles of your dreams

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
29th November 2021
Though the Victorian period is long, long over, its tiles haven’t gone anywhere. If anything they’re bigger than ever. They go with basically everything, work in every room, and are pretty much made for UK homes. Whether they’re simple and neutral or offer up a touch of colour, Victorian tiles are almost always a good idea.



Our collection of Abbey Décor tiles have the bold floral patterning popular in reno projects today. In Black, Grey, and White, these ornate designs are the perfect choice to mix with bold colours, rich woods, or classic neutrals.


Archive Astro

These fabulously simple tiles feature soft blue details and irregular shading. Undeniably pretty and wonderfully versatile, Archive Astro’s modern take on Victorian tiling suits homes both old and new.


Victorian Octagon

Aside from ornate décor, Victorian tiles excel in checkerboard style designs. These striking black and white mosaic tiles offer all the sophisticated allure of classic period interiors, whilst offering freedom to both modernise or fall into tradition.



The Victorian era wasn’t just about austere, muted style. There was plenty of playful colour use, with shades including aquas, greens, and yellows proving popular. Our Archive collection features some fabulously vibrant blues and greens in a variety of geometric, floral, and simplistic designs.



These three distinct designs (Chic and Belle) all offer very different takes on Victorian tiling. Classic’s greyscale design is easily dressed up or down, with a small semi-floral pattern. Chic offers warm creamy shades with a touch of Parisian style. Belle’s deep blue is perfect for letting the floor do the talking.



These encaustic inspired designs with their repetitive motif come in both Warm and Azul. Add some comfy rustic style or with red and beige, or enjoy Scandi-style cool tones. Our Amara tiles are perfect for period homes and more modern spaces.