Fanning The Flames With Fish Scales

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
3th May 2021

The enticing curves of fishscale tiles make a masterpiece of any wall. With a range of achievable layouts, from classic stacked fans, to a flipped, waving fishscale look, to curious, curvaceous patterns, the fishscale is always a good choice when seeking to elevate décor.

And we have a few select tiles that are definitely designed for décor.

Corsica Fan

As part of our aqua blue Corsica range, Corsica Fan dabbles further into the oceanic look that is so appropriate for the tiles’ sea shades. With slight tonal variety in each tile and subtle surface texture, there is a touch of the artisanal, elevating the beauty and intrigue of these fabulous fishscales.


This collection is completely striking with bold royal blue and luxurious gold colourways.

Drops White offers a calm, neutral backing with its plain gloss surface and smooth, crisp white look.

Drops Persian Blue plays with visual texture, with a dappled surface and dark edges. The many tones create a uniquely charming look with the fishscale shape creatively covering the surface.

Finally Drops Gold with its crackled surface and metallic sheen adds a glamorous interior surprise that catches the light.