Real Homes - Our Tapestry Blue Tiles in a Gorgeous Hollywood Home

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
25th October 2017

On the face of it, Los Angeles and our hometown of Manchester don’t have too much in common. Whereas the City of Angles is renowned for it’s sunny climate, Cottonopolis is often - let’s be honest - overcast and grey. However, dig a little deeper and there’s a few similarities between these creative cities; not only has David Beckham captained their local football teams, both metropolises are home to a little slice of Porcelain Superstore. Earlier this year, swanky LA-based design studio Life.Style sourced our Tapestry Blue tiles for a bathroom remodel. The results were pretty staggering - you’ll find shots of the finished space all over design blogs and social media. Let’s take a closer look at how Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl from Life.Style achieved their gorgeous results.

Tapestry Blue Patterned Tiles Bathroom

The Brief

Located in the small, quaint neighbourhood of Larchmont, the clients’ house was built in the Spanish Revival style. According to Shannon, while much of the house had been renovated, the bathrooms needed to be “adapted to a modern lifestyle while keeping the aesthetics true to it’s architectural roots”.

Previous Bathroom 1

The previous bathroom was cramped and dated

Previous Bathroom 2

As the pictures show, the previous bathroom was a little sterile and lacked character. Tasked with bidding this dated design farewell, the designers turned towards patterned tiles. After all - as any savvy designista will tell you - attention-grabbing walls are one of the easiest ways to express your personality.

After a lengthy search, the designers settled on Tapestry Blue. And naturally, we think this little patterned wonder perfectly fits the bill; the encaustic effect stays true to the Mediterranean architecture of the house while the patchwork designs add interest and intrigue. Let's take a closer look at the finished results.

Patterned Tiles Behind Basin

Swoon-worthy Style

Bathrooms aren’t just a place to shower and clean; they’re also a place to relax and escape from the world. In other words, a little sanctuary for that all-important ‘me time’.

So it’s really easy to see why this finished bathroom went viral on social media. It’s utterly gorgeous and the perfect space to both relax and stimulate. The blue wall tiles are guaranteed to lift your mood even on the coldest winter mornings, while the pared back cabinet and quality fixtures offer a reassuring and solid touch. Overall, it's an inspiring and practical space to help make those mornings easier than ever.

Tapestry Blue Patterned Tiles Shower 2

Pared Back

Statement tiles can transform a small bathroom into a truly unique one. The designers have been careful not to overwhelm the space; sticking to one feature wall and keeping the rest of the room relatively simple allows the bathroom to catch attention while remaining an oasis of calm.

Tapestry Blue Patterned Tiles Shower 1

Rustic Charm

As the brief dictated, the bathroom is true to the Spanish Revival style. It’s not just the patterned tiles; the exposed brass shower column and white hexagon floor tiles reference the Art Deco era when the home was first built. A cutting-edge wet room adds a functional, modern touch.

Tapestry Blue Close Up

Attention to Detail

It’s the little details that make this bathroom exceptional. Look closely and you’ll notice all the metallic elements - from the shower and basin mixer, to the lamps, handles and even the hinges - are crafted from brass, a material that develops a lovely patina over time.

To help maintain the calm atmosphere, accessories are sparse but well-chosen; the vintage mirror, handmade soaps and natural hand towel elevate the atmosphere from practicality to pleasure. Fresh flowers offer a colourful contrast and are a soothing sight for sore eyes.

And there's more...! If you love this bathroom as much as we do, you'll be delighted to discover that Life.Style designed another three bathrooms at the same property. The client wanted each room to have it's own personality, so whilst they're all a little different, they share the same DNA. They're all small rooms with BIG personalities, as we'll see. Which one's your favourite?

Bathroom One

Patterned Tiles in Bathroom 2

Patterned Tiles in Bathroom 1

In another sign of Life.Studio’s design prowess, this bathroom also went viral on social media. Again, it’s easy to see why. The monochrome scheme takes its cue from Deco designs of the past; the freestanding tub, Crittal-esque shower door and vintage cement tiles are combined in a thoroughly modern way. Get the look with Grosvenor Black and Arcade Crackle White.

Bathroom Two

Vintage Tiles Bathroom 1

Vintage Tiles Bathroom 2

Vintage Tiles Bathroom 3

This second bathroom taps into the trend for period drama by reworking classic fittings in a hip fashion. It’s perhaps a little more glamorous than the previous spaces; the gold brassware and marble shower wall add a luxe edge. Achieve the style at home by combining Abbey Decor with Timeless Marble.

Bathroom Three

Art Deco Bathroom 3

Art Deco Bathroom 2

Art Deco Bathroom 1

A sunken bath and twin marble basins take Thirties glamour to new heights of style in this ensuite. Overall, it’s more understated than the other spaces; detail is thoughtfully brought in with refined polished nickel washstands and natural Carrara mosaics - check out our Fairmont Carrara hexagons if you’re after a similar style. As in the other bathrooms, flowers and plants add zest and a green element to the room.


All images courtesy of Life.Style