10 Bold and Creative Ways With Wood Effect Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
9th May 2017

Shhhh… whisper it quietly, but something really interesting is happening in homes. Wood effect tiles are finally coming of age, and they’re now the number once choice for savvy style mavens.

It’s pretty easy to see why. If you love the character and warmth of natural wood - and who doesn’t - then why consider anything else other than porcelain planks under your feet? They faithfully replicate all the grains and knots of hardwood yet they’re delightfully easy to care for.

And there’s no need to tread lightly - with so many gorgeous designs out there, why not venture away from the traditional ‘staggered’ laying pattern? Here’s some of our favourite ideas to steal and make your new wood tiles really steal the limelight.

Broken Plan

Wood and Hexagon TilesAsk the style experts and they’ll say that broken plan is the new open plan. But don’t worry, you don’t need to start bricking up all those walls you knocked down; this trend is all about dividing your open plan spaces into different zones for cooking, eating and lounging.

And according to Grand Designs magazine - the anointed experts when it comes to modern-day living - different floors finishes are a great way to break up your room. We’re seeing more and more wood tiles combined with on-trend hexagons, a look first popularised by Italian designer Paola Navona. It’s an unconventional but striking way to transition between two spaces.

Panel show

Wood Tiles Feature WallThere’s no sitting on the fence when it comes to the feature wall. To some, it’s a great way to funk up a fireplace or highlight a chimney breast; to others, the very phrase conjures up memories of DIY disasters.

Well, we might be a little biased but we say when it comes to the wow-effect, put away the purple paints and get creative with distressed wood tiles. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little - in the image above, plank tiles are laid horizontally behind a free standing bath, to create an eye-catching, shabby-meets-rustic feature. Get a similar look with our Driftwood Ice plank tiles.

Play with parquet

Parquet Tiled Floor Without a doubt, parquet floors are enjoying a revival and it seems we can’t get enough. It’s easy to see why; if you’re after opulence, nothing beats intricate parquet-work for an injection of period drama. We’ve got our eyes on these handsome Italian tiles, so keep your eyes peeled.

Chevron chic

Chevron Tiled FloorHowever, some parquet floors can feel a little too classical and grand for modern homes. That’s where our brand new Chevron Brown tiles step in. With their ‘French herringbone’ shape, they pack a design punch that’s way above their weight and the heavy shading offers a vintage vibe.

Pale and interesting

Wood Tiles In BathroomWhat springs to mind when you think of blonde timber? We’ll put our money on Scandi simplicity. However, teamed with the right materials, pale woods can look just as luxe as their ebony and rosewood cousins. To really get the laid back glam effect, team large format planks such as Woodcraft Honey with the rich veins of Bistrot Calacatta. Add accents in white and chrome to make sure your walls and floors are the stars of the show.

Dramatically distressed

Wood Tiles on WallWhether you’re a rural resident or a city-centre dweller, it’s hard to resist the rustic charms of natural timber. However, if it’s not feasible to lay down a new wood floor then pop your creative cap on. We’re spotting wood tiles in slightly unexpected places, such as the kitchen bar above. It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get the warmth of wood into your home. Our tip? Opt for a timber tile with realistic knots and grains to ensure plenty of visual appeal.

Gorgeous Glam

Black and White Wood Tiles What’s black and white and stylish all over? That’s right, this striking herringbone floor. It’s a cutting edge take on the classic checkerboard style. You can get the look using our Artisan Black and White plank tiles.

Sheet it up

Plywood Tiles Bored of planks? Then excuse the pun, but how about these patterned pieces? They’re inspired by traditional OSB boards, a favourite with hip designers and as they’re made from porcelain, can be used almost anywhere.

Gorgeous Glam

Wood Tiles and MarbleNothing beats polished marble if it’s opulence and the wow-factor that you’re after. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook wood tiles; they can be a great way to add visual interest to large floor expanses. Our hot tip? Stick to dark, more uniform wood tiles like Woodstyle Walnut. They’ll provide a warm contrast to the rich veining of natural Carrara marble.

Beton Blocks

Porcelain Planks With Concrete Effect TilesIf you’ve got a large floor that needs tiling, chances are you’re tossing a coin between porcelain planks and polished concrete tiles. And little wonder, as they’re the coverings of choice for the seriously stylish.

But why not combine the two together? Wood and concrete look especially good together - the organic warmth of timber perfectly chimes with cool, cement grey tones. Frame each grey tile with a border of oak for a creative take on traditional parquet. Get the look at home with Cemento Light Grey and Forest Oak.