8 Ways To Create A Victorian Bathroom With Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
19th May 2017
Hands up... Who doesn’t dream of a handsome townhouse or cosy cottage? As a nation, we’re pretty nostalgic about our homes, and quite right too - our little island is peppered with period properties of all shapes and sizes. And whether you live in a Georgian manor or red-brick terrace one thing’s for sure - your home will be full of character and charm. And probably a Victorian bathroom too. You see, if there’s one thing us Brits like to chat about it’s not the weather or the football; it’s our slipper baths and metro tiles. Trend might come and go, but Victorian bathrooms are always in style. It’s doesn’t take a genius to see why - they’re easy on the eye and with today’s technology, make a timeless choice in any home. And just like our houses, Victorian bathrooms come in many different forms. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite styles.

The Classic

Railways, telephones and the Penny Farthing… the Victorians were a pretty inventive lot. They also came up with the concept of the modern loo; before that, it was a dash outside when you got caught short. Victorian Bathroom With White Metro Tiles Recreate the classic style at home with plain white metro tiles. They’re inexpensive and easy to clean - an important selling point for our germaphobic forefathers. The perfect look for first time buyers looking to make a statement on a budget.

Set The Sage

This might just be the perfect bathroom for that cosy cottage we’ve spotted on Rightmove. The restrained colour palette couldn’t be more tranquil and relaxing if it tried - the Sage Green metro tiles are the perfect stand in for greys and neutrals that you find almost everywhere. Victorian Bathrooms  With Sage Green Tiles We think it’s an ideal space to soothe tired limbs after a long country walk. Complete the relaxed country look with distressed wood effect tiles such as Arteak Castano. For a little twist, why not paint your bath in sage green and set it against white wall tiles?

Monochrome Magic

If the sight of this bathroom grips you with the desire to just jump in that tub, then we don’t blame you. Located in the swish Soho hotel in happening Berlin, it’s total proof that Victorian bathrooms can still be uber trendy in this day and age. And if you’d like to soften the edges slightly, just add a colourful accessory or two. It takes very little to add dramatic contrast against pure monochrome. Victorian Bathroom Monochrome Tiles At home, we’d combine our Microhex Black Mosaics on the floor with Arcade Crackle White on the walls. Pick up some fluffy white towels to complete the boutique hotel bathroom look.

Hit The Bottle

We couldn't tell you how many of our Crackle Bottle Green wall tiles are sold each week. And not because it's a trade secret but honestly, we lost count a long time ago. Seems we love rich, dark colours as much as the Victorians did. Especially when they're combined with shaker washstands, gold-framed mirrors and bowler hat pendant lights. victorian-bathroom-bottle-green-tiles And if looks could kill, they did. Back in the day, bottle green papers and paints contained arsenic, which slowly poisoned unsuspecting Victorians. Thankfully, we're not in the business of selling toxic tiles, so when we say your walls will look 'drop dead gorgeous', you'll know what we mean. Oh, and that floor brings us nicely onto...


Simple black and white tiles laid on on the diagonal? What else but a classic checkerboard floor! We might be going back to basics, but there's a good reason to - it doesn't take a grandmaster to realise how seriously elegant these floors are. Victorian Bathrooms Checkerboard Tiles Just take our Victorian Black and White floor tiles, add a roll-top bath and a statement chandelier and you've got your very own heritage bathroom. For a few extra brownie points, finish your walls with Elements White square wall tiles. Not into Victoriana all that much? Happily, this look works wonderfully with modern materials - dress it up with some glossy cabinets, minimal brassware and modish accessories for a see-me, touch-me space.

Bed Time

Once upon a time, the height of luxury was a tin bath in front of the fire. These days, we’d prefer a soak in the bedroom, thank you. After all, when it comes to true indulgence, you can’t beat slipping out the bath and straight into bed. Little wonder then that plenty of boutique hotels have got in on the action, not least the rustic retreat that's the Soho Farmhouse. Victorian Clawfoot Bath In Bedroom But luxury like this doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to make sure the floor’s strong enough to support the bath and there’s enough space for the pipes and whatnot. But we think it’s a price worth paying. Now Jeeves, where's that wine you promised?

Floral Floors

Modern industrial meets ornate design in this striking bathroom. There's just the right balance of everything, with the ornate patterned floor tiles providing the perfect contrast to the simple forms of the bath and metal-framed shower enclosure. Victorian Bathroom Patterned Tiles The Victorians loved bold floral patterns - there's still plenty of original encaustic tiles around today. However, it's far easier on your wallet (and your elbows) to fake it with our Abbey Decor decorative tiles. They've got all the charm of traditional tiles but as they're made from modern porcelain, are far easier to maintain.

Effortlessly Elegant

Love Victoriana but don't want to go all-out? You don't have to! Why not combine your favourite elements of a Victorian bathroom - a roll-top bath or high level loo, for example - with modern-day marble tiles? Victorian Bathroom Marble Tiles We could wax lyrical about this bathroom all day long, but instead we'll just let the picture do the talking. Actually, hold that thought... with those tiles, that tub and the teal panelling, this is one seriously luxe space - it's classic meets modern personified. Use our Italia Calacatta porcelain slabs with Albert's Peacock Blue ceramic tiles to pull off the look at home.