Collection Spotlight: Roxy

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
19th July 2021

Our stunning new arrival is simply magnificent. A delicate diamond shape with a tantalising texture and intriguing visual effect, Roxy is in a league all of it’s own.

Roxy White Wall Tiles

In six colours (White, Grey, Sky, Pink, Green, and Blue), the highly varied faces of Roxy entice and delight. Not quite marble, not quite stone, and not quite watercolour, the highly unusual look is captivating.

Roxy Sky Wall Tiles

The 15 by 26cm diamond is elegant and dynamic, perfect to play with layout and mix and match coloured elements. Twice fired, the tiles have an incredibly luxurious gloss finish that highlights the tactile surface and plays in the light. 

Roxy Grey Wall Tiles
Roxy Blue Wall Tiles

Each aspect of Roxy sets the collection apart; offering new takes on design without requiring leaps of faith towards drastic decor. Pair with a light grey grout to emphasise the shape or give the tiles a space all on their own in an alcove or feature wall.


Roxy Pink Wall Tiles

Gorgeous whether vertical or horizontal, Roxy is the choice for standout interiors. Choose one colour or many and your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, dining room, living room, or even pantry will thank you.

Roxy Green Wall Tiles

These wall tiles are suited to anything, whether it’s a marble worktop, a patterned floor, or moody antique furniture.