Collection Spotlight: Ripples

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
12th April 2021

There is something special about Ripples. With its gently waving surface, tapered fade, classic shape, and varied selection of shades, Ripples offers the perfect balance of timeless beauty and modern detail.

Above - Ripples Ivory

The colour range includes three neutrals - White, Ivory, and Black - and three colours - Pink, Blue, and Green.

Above - Ripples Green

Each colour plays on Ripples’ texture in varying ways. The delicate sage of Ripples Green allows the surface gloss and subtle watercolour tones to decorate the tiles whilst the vibrant Ripples Blue beautifully fades to white at its edges, creating an intriguing frame feature.

Above - Ripples Blue

Ripples Pink is much less dramatic with a sophisticated blush tone that just breaks the barrier between block colour and varied shade.

Above - Ripples Pink

At 10cm by 30cm Ripples is just a touch longer than a traditional metro tile. The elongated shape is what pushes this collection into the 21st Century, offering elegant layout options that stretch spaces and decorate without distracting. Adding to this the surface texture Ripples dabbles in the handmade, with the uneven surface providing all the tactile appeal of real artisan tiles.

Above - Ripples White

The eclectic colour palette offers the option to make a powerful statement in electric blue, a rustic retreat in sage and ivory, or a stylish addition in pink. Whether mixing and matching between shades, or creating a calm space in white, Ripples has just enough ‘extra’ to ensure interiors stay interesting.