Collection Spotlight: Lisbon Flora

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
6th December 2021

Much like our two other Lisbon tiles – Lisbon Vogue and Lisbon Vintage – Lisbon Flora takes on the shabby-chic faux-worn look of well-loved tiles. But this time they’re really shabby and really chic.


Their gorgeous blue and green motif is fabulously floral and traditionally Portuguese with varied shades giving a wonderfully hand-made, artisanal look. The patterned surface is glossy, but has been faded and worn to give the appearance of naturally aged tiles. On these worn portions the terracotta base is exposed and matt, varying texture to a highly realistic degree.


Each individual tile is 45 by 45cm and is made up of four distinct tiles, each uniquely worn and coloured. The joints between each of these tiles are scored for grouting, making laying easier and less time consuming.


Their dual texture and aged look offers immediate charm and layers of tactility, perfect for a personal space with oodles of character.