Collection Spotlight: Kit Kat

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
10th May 2021

This stunningly beautiful collection is a fabulous demonstration of elegance. These simple match-stick mosaics offer a touch of finery and minute detail, whilst remaining calm and uncomplicated.

Kit Kat White Mosaic Tiles

The three colour choices - Light Grey, Ocean, and White - are each complemented by speckles and colour fades for an interesting, complex look at close inspection.

Their high-gloss finish mixed with the neutral tones and oceanic shades has an almost glass-like appearance, adding to the chic appeal.

Each 30 by 30cm mosaic sheet contains 2 rows of 13 match-stick tiles, perfect for use on corners and curves, as well as standard spaces. When laid vertically, the thin tiles lift the eye, elongating walls and making rooms appear taller. The opposite effect is achieved with a horizontal application, stretching walls, and creating a wider-looking room.

The shape and versatility of Kit Kat ensure interiors of any kind can be embraced by these mosaics. Their stylish shape will work wonders in an Art Deco bar, will offer tranquillity to an oceanic bathroom, or add a stylish statement to and external lounge area.

These frost-proof porcelain wall tiles are perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, on fireplaces, and even outside.