Collection Spotlight: Cosmo

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
8th March 2021

Our simple Cosmo collection may look plain at first, but on close inspection it is not only timeless and versatile, but also slots nicely into a few interior trends. The choice between two colours - Denim or Grey - and two textures - Plain or Mix - immediately inspires rich compositions, mixing and matching, but also a minimalist aesthetic.

The elongated (7.5 by 30cm) shape that we are big fans of provides plenty of room for play when it comes to layout. It can make a huge difference in the visual scale of a place whether it’s altering the appearance of height, or stretching the room’s width, and can create effortless elegance with a herringbone pattern.


Tonally, the grey provides subtle warm hues, preventing the grey from being entirely cold, and fitting in nicely to the ‘warm neutrals’ trend of 2021. Similarly the blue offers undeniable warmth whilst sitting on the cusp of this year’s trend for ‘dusty blues’.


The plain tile’s Mix counterparts are a lovely textural mix-and-match selection of nine simple zig-zag and striped geometric reliefs. The Cosmo Denim Mix tiles have an almost fabric-look style, thanks mostly to their tonally interesting blue, whilst the Cosmo Grey Mix looks slightly more knitted, and as a result, comforting.


A gloss glaze allows each individual texture to play with light and shadow, creating visual illusions, or curious visuals when Plain and Mix tiles are utilised on the same surface.

Their wonderfully understated appearance is perfect for almost any space, with the textured decors able to add a personal layer to layout and their classic tones fitting harmoniously into existing interiors.