Collection Spotlight: Brooklyn

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
2th August 2021

Offering a small selection of industrial chic styles we have Brooklyn. In a popular elongated subway format, these wall tiles splice together rough and ready detail with elegance and gloss.


In three colours (Aqua, Light, and Blue) Brooklyn provides somewhat of a seaside vibe alongside the metallic hints and faux-wear marks. Light’s white surface contrasting against the darkened textures has a rustic feel, whilst the deep tones of Blue are moody and sophisticated. Aqua balances perfectly between country retreat, and industrial chic, with the turquoise tones offering beachy hints.


The elements of distressed design are achieved by firing the tiles a total of five times, mixing and matching glazes to the details to create a blend of matt and gloss surfaces to emphasise the effect. A total of 25 different faces can be found at random throughout the collection.


At 7.5 by 30mm, Brooklyn in a standard stretched subway, perfect for feature walls, unique showers, and kitchen splashbacks.