Collection Spotlight: Atlas

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
31st May 2021

Textured, stylised nature is the name of the game with Atlas. With an organic look and neutral tones, this simple collection will fit in anywhere with just enough detail to keep the space unique.

The three colours - Grey, White and Ivory - are inspired by the shades of natural stones like slate and schist, with veining, variation and a subtle surface texture. Each colour has a relief décor partner with striped columns creating a pattern of smooth and ribbed bands. You can combine these tiles to form interesting design schemes, as shown below with Atlas White and the decor tile.

Atlas White Plain and Decor Tiles

Image above - Atlas White

At 25 by 50 cm the ceramic tiles of Atlas form a solid, yet elegant look. An inviting richness is formed by combining the soft matt finish with the textured décor, whilst the tile size fits happily between small and large formats creating a space that is neither maximalist nor minimalist, but perfectly balanced.

Atlas Ivory wall tilesImage above - Atlas Ivory

Combining the simple plain tiles with the textured decors is ideal for bathrooms, allowing for spaces with personalities, such as showers, sinks, or bath surrounds, whilst keeping the design harmonious with the non-textured counterparts.

Atlas Grey and matching decor tileImage above - Atlas Grey

The gentle organic tones pair beautifully with colours of all kinds, making Atlas highly versatile and easily style-able. The metallic tones of copper and brass as well as earthy shades of brown, red, olive green, and dusty blue are particularly effective partners.