Get The Look - Blending The Old With The New

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
7th October 2020

After trawling through interior trends for the year, there is one that we at Porcelain Superstore especially enjoy – the blending of the old with the new. Whether it’s using traditional furnishings, colours, or textures and modern layouts, patterns, and materials, there are thousands of ways to combine elements from different time periods within the home. In doing so interiors are given a unique personality full of eclectic accents and stunning character. One wonderful way to bring the old and new together is with tile, the perfect companion to any homeowner, and delightfully varied so as to complement any interior style.

Abbey Decor

Heritage Chess

Staying away from overly austere colour palettes is one way to ensure traditional elements don’t overwhelm and age a space. However individual elements in monochrome or neutrals can work fantastically in spaces full of lively, vibrant shades. For example, Victorian tiles in classic black and white pay homage to a home’s roots, but combined with playful wallpaper, colourful paint, or modern furniture they provide an entirely different atmosphere.

Combine colour with black and white for vibrant interiors

Faux aged tiles are another way to add this period feeling. Scuff marks, worn edges, and faded colours add a maturity to surfaces which juxtaposes fantastically against the new. Interior styling can play into the shabby chic look, or simply take advantage of the character provided by a well-loved appearance. Combine faux aged tiles with clean lines, bold patterns, or statement furnishings for a distinctive and inspiring space.

Lisbon Vogue
Faux Aged Tiles such as Lisbon Vogue

If furniture, lighting, fireplaces, or décor are traditional or retro, utilising velvets and other old-school materials, Baroque ornamentation, or other classic items, modern styling on walls and floors can be the key to balancing old and new. Combining different eras can also offer unique results, for example, mixing antique dark wood chairs, orange and green 70s sofas with 1920s style black and white tiles and plenty of indoor plants can create a warm space full of originality.

Get creative - mix colour and style from different Eras
Marais Rose tile pictured

It’s a trend that is full of freedom and encourages creativity. Think of the atmosphere you want to create, or the materials and space you have to work with and have fun.