Get The Look - Black is the New Black

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
1th September 2021

The latest design from Imperial Bathrooms takes masculine bathroom chic to a whole new level. 

Black Washbasin by Imperial Bathrooms
Dark and masculine - especially when set against black metro tiles

Their new Black Sapphire collection of sanitary-ware is available in four ranges, all of which feature Imperial Bathrooms’ dramatic rich black glaze:

  • Etoile, which is based around opulence
  • Astoria, which has Art Deco notes
  • Drift, which has rounded details
  • Radcliffe (pictured), which has a combination of British and rococo styling

Now… if only you could find the perfect tiles to complete the Black Sapphire look!  Of course, you’ve come to the right place. 

The Classic Choice

Let’s start with our classic Metro Black. This is everything a metro tile should be and more, with a perfectly proportioned bevel that is neither too shallow, and nor too sharp. And the glaze quality on these 10 by 20 cm Spanish tiles is absolutely top drawer.

The result is a timeless style staple that will help the Black Sapphire suites to sing.

The On-Trend Choice

But Porcelain Superstore has other wonderful pairings to offer, such as Dwell Black.  This mysterious design combines dark and dramatic colouring with a hand-crafted style. 

Dwell Black Tiles
Here, Dwell Black offers a sultry alternative to more traditional white backsplash tiling

Part of our award-winning Dwell collection, they’re the pinnacle of Italian tile design; subtle, sophisticated, and sexy.  Offering the durability of modern porcelain, these 60 by 240mm elongated rectangles also provide a fresh design twist.

The Creative Choice

Or, for a third black-on-black option, why not play with the creative versatility of our Jubilee Black mini-metro mosaic.  These small-scale tesserae, just 23 by 48mm, give this classic a contemporary twist. 

Jubilee Black Mosaic Tiles
Shruken metro tiles make for a more dramatic finish

The bevelled edges offer a super softer feel; this is a truly tactile tile.  But they are also very practical, offering porcelain’s impressive resistance, and the application advantage of being supplied, pre-spaced, on 300 by 300mm sheets.  Perfect!