Assorted Skinny Formats

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
1th February 2021

In recent years there has been a huge increase in interest for skinny format tiles. Their sleek shape provides an allure and elegance not found with the classic subway tile, and their ultra skinny form offers enormous amounts of design potential. The elongated rectangle works to alter scale and ratio of interior spaces, either stacked vertically to provide the illusion of height, or horizontally to emphasise and increase perceived width.


Our collection of five Padstow tiles (Cotton, Ivory, Dove, Sage, and Sky) offer the softness and calm of coastal living. The delicate tones mixed with a subtle crackled surface mirror the sea and sky with a relaxing charm. Mix up the layout with a herringbone style, combine colours, and take full advantage of the watercolour shades and texture for an interior space fit for the seaside.

Padstow Sky

Padstow Cotton


The beautifully muted palette of our Countrywide collection combines sophistication with a rural aesthetic. The seven shades (White, Mushroom, Grey, Cream, Dove Grey, Sage, and Duck Egg) are a range of peaceful neutrals, ideal to combine with wooden surfaces, flooring, and worktops, or to work as a backdrop to something more striking.

Countrywide Duck Egg


Countrywide Sage


Opal’s five oceanic shades (White, Grey, Sky, Marine, and Emerald) have a powerful multi-hued presence. Their textured surface and glossy glaze allows further depth of tone, likened to that of an opal gemstone. The elongated brick shape adds elegance to the space in a way that is both familiar and distinct.

Opal Emerald

Shimmer Silver

Metallic tiles can be tough to incorporate into the home due to their perceived ‘blingy’ nature, and habit of being a little too ostentatious. However these Shimmer Silver tiles offer a touch of the metallic that is luxurious enough to be used in contemporary styled interiors, but gentle enough to be equally at home in a rustic setting. The softness of the matt silver glaze is complemented by the rough uneven surface, making it a perfect accent tile.

Shimmer Silver


These are the smallest of our skinny tile selection, and are only available in classic white. But with a choice between a gloss or matt glaze, and the enormous layout options skinny formats offer, there is still plenty of creativity to be had with Elements. Their clean, crisp shape and brilliantly white surface creates a fresh statement, whilst layout choice develops and emphasises a space’s character.

Elements Brick Matt