5 Minimalist Ways To Use Moroccan Tiles In Your Living Space

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th June 2020

An extremely distinctive style that is becoming increasingly popular is the Moroccan tile. Characteristic shapes, bold patterns, and vibrant colours make Moroccan tiles some of the most gorgeous designs around.

There is no end to the ways in which they can be used throughout the home, but the powerful patterns may be intimidating for some. To ease their use throughout the home we have suggested five minimalist ways that their patterns and beauty can add something a little different.

Friendly Welcome

Firstly, a pop of colour to greet guests into your home with a tiled welcome mat. Very few tiles are needed to create this minimalist addition which instantly adds something a little extra to an entrance. The homely warmth of Moroccan tiles transforms this tiny space into a joyous threshold to cross (and is extremely easy to clean).

Bold Backdrop

For something a little bolder, but still relatively low-scale, Moroccan tiles make for a perfect backing for shelving units. The striking patterns are broken up and toned down by the shelves, allowing for the beauty to shine through, but not overtake a space.

Subtle Framing

For the most subtle of decoration, we recommend their use on door frames. The patterns pop against the walls, highlighting the door and offering a sublime element of detail that can complement a minimalist home.


Similarly, window sills offer the perfect place for tiles. The colour and patterns of Moroccan tiles can be given pride of place, and plenty of light whilst not overwhelming an interior. A tiled window sill is fantastically summery and beautifully decorative, and relatively low maintenance.

Tiled Art

Finally, for those with only a few tiles to work with and no desire for grouting or specialists, Moroccan tiles and their geometric designs make for stunning art pieces. They can be framed or hung in groups or individually, ensuring you can enjoy the charm of these trendy tiles with minimal costs.

We have a huge range of Moroccan style tiles to choose from, with designs varying from a classic blue and white look, to mix and match multicolours, to the new and stunning blue and yellow Fiesta.

Our site’s handy ability to purchase by tile quantity, as well as by square metre, means these minimalist looks are easy to achieve at a low cost. They can also help make use of any spare tiles that may be left over from a project.