10 Different Tiles To Make Your Kitchen Look Hot!

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th December 2022

Whether you’re a Michelin-starred chef in the making or you always burn the toast, it’s safe to say you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Yet it’s easy to forget that this room is about more than just function. It’s also somewhere to have fun and show off your personality.

The best thing is that you don’t have to go for a full remodel to achieve this. Simply adding new tiles to your floor or splashback can transform your kitchen from humdrum to hot, hot, hot! And with such a wide variety of kitchen tiles to choose from, it’s easy to find the right style for you.

Off The Walls

Blue Wall Tiles In Modern Kitchen

There’s beauty in diversity, so add a vibrant twist to your kitchen with highly shaded tiles. Instead of opting for a solid monochrome block when it comes to your splashback, turn it into a feature with tiles in varying shades of the same colour. The subtle patchwork effect oozes handmade charm, giving your kitchen a welcoming artisanal feel.

The rich patina of shaded tiles adds depth and warmth, reminiscent of the colour variations you’d expect to find in natural materials. They’re a great option if you want to get a little playful with colour but without going too bold.

Green With Envy

White Floor Tiles In Green Country Kitchen

Thanks to its associations with nature, green is a fantastic colour for kitchens. Its versatility means there’s a shade to suit every personality and every property, whether you’re looking for something zingy, soothing, traditional or contemporary. Oh, and it’s also bang on trend. No wonder it’s predicted to remain one of the most popular colours for kitchens in 2023.

Going green doesn’t have to mean wall-to-wall colour though. Consider painting your existing cabinets green and then using floor tiles like these wonderful zellige floor tiles to add a matching accent colour. This is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a fresh, stylish new look without going all in.

Made Of Stone

Stone Tiles Laid Over Modern Kitchen Island

Tap into the trend for biophilic design with tiles that resemble natural stone. We’re hardwired to feel a connection to nature, which is one reason why biophilic interiors have become one of the biggest design trends this year. It even featured in Pinterest’s 2022 trend report.

It’s not just about an Instagrammable interior though. Biophilic design fosters a sense of wellbeing and makes us feel good. So, bring a touch of the outdoors into your kitchen with stone-effect tiles. And if you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island, turn it into even more of a feature by continuing your floor tiles up the facade so that it looks like an impressive stone monolith.

Parqué Life

Parquet Tiles Over Country Kitchen Floor

Wooden flooring is classic but not an obvious choice for a kitchen. This busy room sees spills, temperature changes and high humidity - all things that can damage natural wood. However, the warmth of wood does lend itself well to a cosy kitchen which is why wood-effect porcelain tiles are such a fantastic choice. They come with all the benefits of wood but without the hassle.

To give your kitchen a sophisticated and timeless feel, opt for tiles with a parquet design, like Windsor Dark. This elegant style is typically found in living rooms and hallways, so they’ll make an unusual statement in a kitchen and add an opulent note without being OTT.

Nordic Noir

Black Wall Tiles In Simple Scandi Kitchen

Take a trip to the dark side and bring the drama with black tiles. Dark kitchens have become one of the biggest design trends of recent years. Not only will your kitchen stand out from the crowd, black can make a room feel extra cosy, so it’s perfect for a kitchen. And just like white, black tiles provide a fantastic backdrop for a wide range of accessories and accent colours.

If you’re a little nervous about being completely in the dark, why not mix two trends and pair black tiles with pale, Scandi-style kitchen units? This has the effect of making the lighter cabinets and surfaces really pop, while also bringing a more relaxed feel to your dark kitchen.

Totally Terrazzo

Terrazzo Tiles Laid Over Kitchen Floor

It’s safe to say that terrazzo is a bone-fide design icon. Any style which has endured for centuries - since the 15th century in fact - has got to have something going for it. Terrazzo tiles are experiencing a bit of a contemporary renaissance right now, popping up everywhere from floors to furnishings.

This means it’s a great time to go to town with terrazzo, and your kitchen is the perfect space for this. Terrazzo’s confetti-like appearance adds a sense of playfulness, and the range of colour schemes means it’s more versatile than you might expect. Be bold and match your splashback to your floor for a truly eye-catching and trendsetting design scheme.

Fine Dining

Polished onyx tiles on kitchen floor

Move over white marble, there’s a new kid in town - onyx. White marble tiles are classic…but they’re also commonplace. Onyx has all of marble’s natural beauty, but it’s taken to the next level with a variety of organic patterns and colours and a magical translucence. If you’re looking for tiles that are a work of art in their own right, look no further than onyx.

Unfortunately, onyx tiles don’t come cheap. However, you can still enjoy the elegance of onyx even if you don’t have a bottomless budget - and who does these days? Instead, opt for onyx-effect porcelain slabs - they’re easier on the wallet, easier to maintain and they look just like the real thing, so they’re still guaranteed to impress.

Curve Appeal

Curved White Wall Tiles in Blue Matt Kitchen

Want a quick and easy way to spruce up your kitchen? Forget about being square and stay ahead of the curve with our Pop White wall tiles. These distinctive tiles swap conventional straight edges for rounded ones, bringing something a little different to your kitchen. And as if their unusual design wasn’t enough, the shape means you can make a feature out of the joint by using grout in a contrasting shade. You could even match the grout colour to your kitchen cabinets.

The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity. It’s low effort for max impact and its clean aesthetic is one that will always look stylish. Trust us when we say you’ll never think white tiles (or grout) are boring again!

Two Tone Tiling

Pink And White Wall Tiles in Kitchen

Colour blocking is most definitely IN. From catwalks to interiors, it’s been all the rage during 2022. Placing two contrasting colours side-by-side adds vibrancy and impact to a room - and it’s a really easy look to achieve with tiles.

Your kitchen splashback provides the perfect canvas for getting creative with colour but why not kick things up a notch with our new wave-shaped tiles… Colour blocking really highlights the sense of movement these tiles bring, ensuring they become the star of the show. Try matching one of the colours to your kitchen cabinets for a chic, coordinated aesthetic.